Everyone is talking about the Jeffrey Dahmer series on Netflix

If you (like me) are a true crime fan, you know that a sinister gem recently appeared on Netflix. DAHMERMonster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story tells the story of (you guessed it) Jeffrey Dahmer – who has 17 sickening murders to his name.

I started this series yesterday and oh my, this is dark.

Everyone is talking about the Jeffrey Dahmer docuseries on Netflix

Last Wednesday, Netflix put the docuseries about Jeffrey Dahmer online, where in ten episodes the story of Jeffrey Dahmer (better known as Milwaukee Monster) narrate. Dahmer gruesomely robbed 17 different men and boys between 1978 and 1991 (realize how long he was allowed to do his own thing).

A fictionalized account of real events, the series also takes a critical look at systematic racism, white privilege, homophobia and the institutional failure that allowed Dahmer to kill.

Jeffrey Dahmer: Drilling, Cannibalism and Hydrochloric Acid

If you’re not already familiar with Jeffrey Dahmer’s bizarre working method, hold on tight. Jeffrey has a whopping 17 victims to his name, most of whom are minors and POC. He killed these boys, sawed them to pieces and then kept them in his fridge or freezer, or dumped them in a barrel of hydrochloric acid. Later it turned out that he also ate parts of his victims.

Another thing Dahmer did: he drilled a small hole in the skull of his (still living) victim and poured in some hot water with hydrochloric acid. In this way he “created” his own brain-dead sex slaves, after which the boys died after a few days. Too bizarre.

In 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested. You can see how that went in the first episode of DAHMER.

DAHMERMonster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Back to the series (which quite graphically depicts Dahmer’s murders) that has everyone captivated. And besides the events being sickening, the A-class production (the series is directed by Emmy winner Ryan Murphy) and cast also ensures that the series is a hit. Not even a week later, the series is already number 1 in trending on Netflix.

The cast and production

Jeffrey Dahmer is played by Evan Peters, who we know from American Horror Story. And the scary thing is, Evan looks a lot like the real Dahmer. We also see Richard Jenkins, Niecy Nash, Molly Ringwald and Penelope Ann Miller.

And not to forget: credits to the setdresser of this series. The internet went wild about the similarities between the series and Jeffrey Dahmer’s real apartment, these are identical.

The internet is under the spell of DAHMER

You understand, everyone shared their opinion on Twitter.

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Everyone’s talking about the Jeffrey Dahmer docuseries on Netflix and this is the sinister story

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