Viewers frustrated with smoking couple in Four Hands on one Belly

In ‘Four Hands on One Belly’ we get to know Sharona (19). She is pregnant by her boyfriend Arjen (38). Despite the age difference of 19 years, the couple is pregnant after just a few weeks. All nice and nice, but the two still smoke heavily during the pregnancy. And that is of course not possible, according to the viewers of the program.

“There is only 1 question: WHY?”

Arjen lives in an anti-squat house close to the railway. Sharona lives with him, but is not registered with him, because no children are allowed to live in anti-squat.

It’s time for the famous parents to come over to get to know the couple. This time it is Özcan Akyol and his wife Anna van der Breemer. “Who are they?” the pregnant couple responds. Özcan and Anna are curious about the love story of Sharona and Arjen. Although it was not love at first sight, the couple is pregnant very quickly.

The couple smokes a lot; Arjen makes the cigarettes himself with a click device. Anna asks how many cigarettes Sharona smokes. “I still smoke ten-fifteen a day.” Sharona explains that she is bored and then quickly reaches for the cigarettes. So what does she do all day? “A little cleaning and Netflix.”

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Anna takes the cows by the horns and asks the couple to the hospital. Here, experts explain the effect of smoking on pregnancy. And that is something to swallow. “It was scary to hear,” Sharona responds.

Viewers are shocked that Sharona smokes at all during her pregnancy. ’19 years age difference. 2 months relationship. Living in an anti-squat, smoking like a heretic during her pregnancy. There is only 1 question: WHY?’, writes a concerned viewer. Another says: ‘I can cry about this. These people are just having a baby, smoking and all…’

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After the appointment at the hospital, they both want to stop now. But the first week the attempt fails immediately. A few days later, Sharona tries to stop again. Anna pays a visit to ask how things are going. “It was quite tough. But we have nothing left at home.”

A few weeks later, Sharona is induced because the baby’s heart rate is too high. Sharona has a very hard time during the delivery, but when the baby arrives, she holds her little one with happiness. “Fortunately, it was born safe and sound.” They name their baby Dexx. “I’m proud of myself,” Sharona says after giving birth.

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After a few weeks Sharona makes a vlog. She hates being alone for so many days. That is why Özcan and Anna arrange a job for her in the hospitality industry. She’s a little bit nervous about going back to work. “I was unsure about making a cappuccino again, because it was quite a long time ago.” It is therefore not always easy. “It’s pretty hard to scoop ice cream,” Sharona says. Nevertheless, she is allowed to work at the lunchroom. She also has something for herself.

Four Hands on one Belly see you every Tuesday evening at 8.25 pm at BNNVARA on NPO 3. You can watch the episode back here.

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