BV 24/7. Frances Lefebure Visits Chicken Coop and This ‘Blind Married’ Couple Has Been Together for Three Years | BV

BVThe show must go on, because the Showbiz world never stands still. Find out what your favorite BVs have been up to in the last 24 hours here in our news stream.

Brand new ‘Blind married’ parents winnie and Jonah have something to celebrate again. The two have been a couple for three years! “I’m already curious about what the coming years will bring,” Winnie writes on Instagram.

Claire Meiland experienced her dream evening during a K3 concert. They even took a picture together.

Natalia leaves for sunny Spain with her son Apollo. “I’ve decided to schedule ‘time-alone-with-son or daughter’ once in a while. So that they both have mommy all to themselves,” the singer writes.

Saartje Vandendriessche it cries out in the middle of the sea.

Veronique Leysen shares a photo with her children. “One screams and the other breaks down the house. I once ran a company with ten employees, but that was nothing compared to these monsters,” Veronique writes on Instagram.

Charlotte Leysen flips her wardrobe. “From summer to fall,” she writes.

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