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showbizThe documentary ‘Crossroads’, for which André Hazes has been followed in his sometimes rather turbulent life for the past two years, will appear on Videoland on October 20. The 28-year-old singer announced this on social media today. “I started a battle with myself and did everything I could to get my life back,” said Hazes. Monique and mom Rachel also show their support on Instagram.

Hazes has been followed for the past two years by a camera crew for the Videoland documentary ‘Crossroads’. He states that that time may have been “the most difficult period of his life”, but that he fought with himself and eventually managed to pick up his life. “I find it very exciting, but at the same time can’t wait to finally share my true story with you,” said the singer today.

What exactly will be shown in the documentary remains a surprise. It’s probably partly about his addictions. Last month Hazes broke his media silence and even announced his comeback. Hazes wrote to have sought professional help. “Because I needed it so much at the time. Just going all the way back to basics in a search for myself. Find out who I really am, what I want in my life and find out what makes me really happy (and what doesn’t). I’m cold turkey I stopped demolishing my body and I consciously opted for a long media silence.”

Troubled Period

Hazes took a break last year due to an emotional burnout. He went through an extremely troubled period after he left his girlfriend Monique Westenberg, with whom he has a son, for Sarah van Soelen. Eventually that short-lived romance also ended. Meanwhile, the wildest stories were circulating about Hazes’ various addictions. He previously confirmed that he has been working on that. In a photo from March this year, the artist was very emaciated.

Support from unexpected quarters

André can count on support from a very unexpected quarter on his Instagram message. “Brave, vulnerable, strong and proud”, says ‘his’ Monique. His mother Rachel also reacted with emotion. “I know better than anyone how deep you have gone. I am so incredibly proud of what you have overcome and how you back to life.”

Documentary about André Hazes Jr. will be published on October 20.

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