Four hands on one stomach-viewers amazed and concerned: ‘Smoking?’

Viewers of Four hands on one belly went from one surprise to another last night. The reason for this was 19-year-old Sharona and her boyfriend Arjen (38) who are about to become parents. In addition to the age difference, smoking, Sharona’s daytime activities and the approach of the couple also raise questions among the viewing public.

Arjen and Sharona met at a party and after two months a baby was on the way. Özcan Akyol and his wife Anna van den Breemer visit the parents-to-be to pass on their parenting knowledge.

Sharona and Arjen amaze Four hands on one belly viewers

It soon becomes apparent that Sharona still smokes about ten to fifteen cigarettes a day during her pregnancy. About which she explains that if she had something to do, she might smoke less. “But if I’m home all day…”, Sharona says. Because Sharona’s day is mainly filled with cleaning and watching Netflix. After a conversation with a pulmonologist and seeing a placenta from another smoking parent, the couple decides to stop.

But Sharona had a lot on her plate in her youth. She previously struggled with depression, she was suicidal and her insecurity dominated her life for a long time. “I thought I was ugly and fat.”

Viewers are concerned about smoking and approach to couple

Although the baby’s heart rate is too high during delivery, baby Dexx is born healthy. And Sharona and Arjen turn out to be proud parents. In the end, the young mother also manages to get a job at a local lunchroom. And Sharona turns out to be very happy with the fact that in addition to motherhood, she now also has something for herself.

Viewers are quite stunned about the couple’s lifestyle, according to the reactions. Because in addition to criticism of the approach of the couple, many viewers are also concerned about Sharona and Arjen. According to some, they need serious help and guidance. By the way, others praise Akyol and his wife do, who, despite the circumstances, remain calm and quiet.

Subway also regularly shares stories about upbringing and parenting. Experts answer all kinds of parenting questions for this. For example, what should you do if your child lies a lot? Or throws a tantrum when he or she doesn’t get his or her way?

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Four hands on one stomach viewers fall from one surprise to the other: ‘Smoking?’

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