Romeo & Juliet, a Maltese addiction and an off-day: this was ‘De Allerslimste Mens’ | showbiz

TV“Difficult. A difficult episode. Very lucky.” Bart Cannaerts, after hissixth victory out of eight participations, was critical of his ownperformance. It says a lot about newcomer Julie Colpaert and about LotteVanwezemael, neither of whom could really threaten Bart for even one second.

The fourteenth chapter in the search for ‘The Very Smartest Man’ was notimmediately of a high standard. Rather one to quickly forget. Suddenly thequestion rounds turned out to be very difficult and the scoring was bad. Noneof the three candidates managed to reach the 300-second mark. That alreadysays a lot…

Perhaps something had to do with decompression after the passage of HurricanePrem Radhakishun, which left the other candidates, the studio audience andeven Erik Van Looy a bit blank after his rather logical loss. Although therewas actor and ever guided projectile Stefaan Degand to quickly fill that void.

It was Julie Colpaert who was given the honor of succeeding Prem. She did thatin her own way. Although the shadow of twelve participations, which made herthe second best scoring candidate ever in 2018, weighed a bit heavy. There wasstress, there were nerves. And of course there was that phenomenon BartCannaerts. He couldn’t really make a difference with the ladies during theregular quiz rounds and even lost time during the photo round.

The surprise was in the video round, which for once could not make thedifference. None of the three candidates managed to grab a 40 or 50 secondbonus. Julie Colpaert still stood her ground with her video about theelimination of Al Quada leader Al-Zawahiri, but nobody knew much about GeorgeMichael and Ashleigh Barty. Until the very last fragment for Bart, about theformer Australian number 1 in tennis, Lotte and Julie still had the chance towin. They didn’t. And so Bart won, with his heels over the ditch and with avery meager final score.

Fortunately, the ladies afterwards provided a super exciting final. Lottestarted perfectly with five correct answers, but then fell completely silentwith exactly two correct answers to five questions. Julie could play out withthe names of the secretaries-general of the UN, didn’t, but lowered the scorevery strategically, only to play out smoothly. As far as pure quiz isconcerned, a lesser episode, as far as jokes and pranks are concerned, thanksto Stefaan Degand and Barbara Sarafian, still a satisfactory one.

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The best quotes

Julie (whether she could become the Smartest Human Being): “No. It was amiracle that I got this far back then. My husband always says I could hideEaster eggs from myself. I forget everything. I have now studied for fourdays. Too little, too short.”

Lotte (what she expects from Julie): “Spicy woman who knows a lot. And withher job…” To which Degand immediately strikes when Lotte tells that herparents are in the audience. “What was she like as a child? Zozo? What do you