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Dear Singers / Sep 29, 2022

The duets episode is already the last episode of the fifteenth season of Best Singers. During the duets, the singers step out of their comfort zone. Some have never sung a duet before, others do so regularly.

For Jan Smit, the evening of duets is his most favorite evening. After all the weeks that everyone has come together, the atmosphere is still good. The best singers are getting looser and what they have learned from each other lately comes together in the duets.

If you’re going to go crazy, then together.

Roxeanne Hazes

Claudia de Breij & Sarita Lorena – The Girl From Ipanema

Claudia de Breij has been listening to the song ‘The Girl From Ipanema’ since her younger years. She was a big fan of Sinatra in Kurt Cobain’s time, but always very secretly. So she turned Nirvana on one side of her Walkman and Sinatra on the other, so no one would notice. Together with Sarita she sings the song ‘The Girl From Ipanema’ by Frank Sinatra & Antônio Carlos Jobim.

Nielson & Roxeanne Hazes – Who I’m looking for

It was soon clear to Nielson that he would like to sing a song with Roxeanne Hazes during the duets episode. For this, he delved into the story of Roxeanne, where he found a song called “I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne. That song is one of Nielson’s favorite songs ever. Of course Nielson and Roxeanne choose to translate the song into Dutch. They sing the new version ‘Who I am looking for’.

This is truly an evergreen.


Blanks & Claudia de Breij – Heal you

Simon’s all-time favorite song is “Fix You” by Coldplay. That song reminds him of the music camp he often went to. The time with all participants of Beste Zangers gives him the same feeling. Everyone grows together very quickly. Blanks is afraid he will fall straight into a big hole on the plane home.

Blanks likes to make an exception for Claudia. For the first time he sings in Dutch, instead of English. Together with MEAU, Blanks has translated the song ‘Fix You’ into ‘Heel you’.

Sarita Lorena & Nielson – You’ll be in my heart

The song Sarita sings with Nielson is the soundtrack of the film Tarzan. This song is very important to Sarita because she always sings the song ‘You’ll be in my heart’ with her mother. As a little girl, the story of the film Tarzan made a deep impression on her. A boy who loses both parents and is taken in by another family. This time Sarita Lorena does not sing the song with her mother, but with Nielson. Nielson sings a song in English for the first time in Beste Zangers, which is completely outside his comfort zone.

Roxeanne Hazes & Jaap Reesema – Bitter Sweet Symphony

At the age of thirteen, Roxeanne Hazes got her very first boyfriend. Together they often played the song ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ by The Verve. The song has always stayed with her and she still enjoys listening to it today. Because it is her favorite song, she likes to sing it together with Jaap Reesema.

Ferdi Bolland & Blanks – Circle of Life

Just like Sarita Lorena, Ferdi Bolland chooses a song from a musical. Namely the well-known song by Elton John ‘Circle of Life’ from the Lion King. Ferdi thinks it’s a beautiful song, which he would like to sing together with Blanks. The biggest reason to sing this song with Blanks is the story from Blanks’ past.

Blanks used to sing the song with his class, to celebrate the life of his deceased friend Joost. Strangely enough, instead of a heavy moment, it was a very beautiful moment. That’s why the song has a special place in Blank’s heart.

Jaap Reesema & Sarita Lorena – Holiday in Spain

Jaap Reesema chooses to sing a song that Blanks had listed as an important song. He does not sing the song with Blanks, but with Sarita Lorena. Jaap and Sarita sing ‘Holiday in Spain’ by Bløf with a touch of Portuguese.

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