EenVandaag opinion poller Gijs Rademaker switches to RTL after eighteen years show

updateGijs Rademaker (44), known as opinion pollster of One today at the NPO, switches from AvroTros to RTL. There he goes, among other things, the new program RTL Newspanel present and create a documentary series with Maarten van Rossem about dinosaurs.

RTL announced this today. Rademaker remains active as an opinion pollster and in that capacity will be a guest more often in the talk shows of RTL, where he already sits regularly. RTL Newspanel will start next year. It is not yet known what that program will look like.

Rademaker worked for eighteen years One today (formerly TwoToday), of which twelve years as a presenter of the opinion polls. He is now ‘really ready for a new environment’, he writes on the site of the program.

“In this difficult time full of crises and political contradictions, it remains important to be able to gauge how the Dutch think about what is going on in society,” Rademaker added. RTL News. ,,I look forward to doing that at RTL in the coming years and also developing myself in other areas.”

Overwhelmingly Intimate

At the same time, he leaves with ‘pain in the heart’, partly because he left the opinion panel of One today will miss. The 80,000 members are anonymous, but the investigations felt ‘very intimate’ to him.

‘Many told me everything: a lot of frustration about the functioning of institutions. But also about loneliness, insecurity, sexuality and identity, discrimination and racism. You shared it en masse, with many tens of thousands per survey. And that felt, in a good way, overwhelmingly intimate.’ The panel at One today continues to exist after Rademaker’s departure.

Content director Peter van der Vorst is happy that Rademaker is coming to RTL. “With everything that is happening in our society, it is valuable and important to know how the Dutch think and what concerns them. through the new RTL Newspanel under the leadership of Gijs, we can have that conversation with the viewer about many topics on a daily basis.”

Rademaker will also make other programs, such as a series of documentaries about dinosaurs, for which he travels to the United States with historian Maarten van Rossem. The pair are already making a podcast about the creatures, the dinosaur. The docuseries should be a ‘wonderful quest for special dinosaurs’.

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