Wanted: 1960s teenage star Lola for a concert

Who oh who knows where the teenage star Lola from Breda has gone? That is thepressing question that music lover Germaine Rook has. Germaine wants to getforgotten teen idols from the fifties, sixties and seventies back on stage fora concert. To find singer Lola, she even hired a private detective.Unfortunately still without result and so she hopes for the golden tip.

“Lola was a cute teenage singer who generally sang Dutch songs,” says GermaineRook. “Her biggest hit was ‘Lente in September’ from 1968. That was not piratemusic, but quality. She could also sing really well and was even allowed to goto a song festival in Knokke with Ben Cramer and Sandra Reemer as a reserve.have not really broken through, but her single on vinyl is now sold for 1600euros.”

Waiting for privacy settings…

“Lola intrigues me,” continues the 25-year-old. “That beautiful voice and hermysterious character. And she was really a sight to see. Call it a penchantfor nostalgia, but for me Lola is the ultimate artist of a genre that is indanger of being lost. Although as a singer she is also a She made the album inEnglish, she mainly sang the better Dutch song.”

Germaine is now looking for Lola with three friends. The foursome previouslyalso tracked down other forgotten singers. For example, they came into contactwith the musical quartet Atlantic from Geldrop, Trio’67 from Bergen op Zoom,the Rianta’s from Waalwijk and The Young Sisters from Breda. “The real topperscome from Brabant,” says Germaine Rook. “They did something really goodthere.”

“A detective agency has found out that she comes from Breda.”

The ultimate dream of the group is to get the teenage stars of the past backon stage. On 3 June there will be a concert in Sint Jansklooster, under thetitle ‘The forgotten black gold’, referring to the black singles made ofvinyl.

Germaine hopes Lola will be there too. If she’s still alive, that is, becausethe search is difficult and the information is rather meager. Still hoping forthe golden tip. “A detective agency has found out that she comes from Bredaand has a Spanish mother,” says Rook about what is known. “Her real name wasMarie del Rosario. But because it sounded too Spanish, her stage name becameLola.”

“We hope that people will come up with the golden tip.”

“The area where we have to search is quite large,” she continues. “We know,for example, that Lola worked in the circus in Ghent and also traveled throughGermany with her parents. But the starting point is and remains Breda. Mostpeople must still be there who know her. We very much hope for the golden tip.would be fantastic.”

So not much is known about Lola. That would have been different if she hadreally broken through in those sixties or seventies. “She was part of theelite club with Ben Cramer, Sandra Reemer and Floortje Klomp. But they saythey don’t know her either. The fact that she has not become nationally knowncan have all kinds of reasons. You had to be lucky, because the recordcompanies and the media was quite corrupt. Too bad, because she had thequalities.”

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