How is the shared dream going in Italy now? – I leave

In Ik Departure XL we follow the adventure of Marja, Hans, Renzo, Wim and Adain Italy and Francine, Rinse, Jan, Fabienne, Oscar and Vanessa on Bonaire. TheItaly fanatics have their eye on ‘a property with potential’ that they want totransform into a group accommodation. Have their dreams come true?

Update Ada, Wim, Marja and Renzo

Slowly, a bit of inner peace is starting to come back. The help of family andfriends, the close friendship in our team, being able to rely on each otherand relying on each other and sharing all emotions together has brought uswhere we are now. It was a turbulent time in every way. These events have ofcourse left the necessary traces. But in between all the setbacks anddifficult moments we kept the humor and that helps to put things intoperspective.

We enjoy the good and beautiful things again. We have had a short holiday andare happy to continue with our ‘project’. And Hans is just there, he watchesand ‘travels’ with us in everything. There is still much to do and we arealways looking forward to it. And after the worst rain, the sun always comesback. Jessica, Marja’s eldest daughter, is expecting her first child.

Life in Italy

Italian life is good. It’s not called ‘La Dolce Vita’ for nothing. Life inthis part of Italy goes more in slow motion than in the Netherlands. Life inthe Netherlands is hectic and busy, there is little real ‘space’. People arealways tightly bound by rules and times. In Italy things are different, whatdoesn’t work today will come tomorrow. We’ve noticed that enough. And well…the wine… the food…

Shot in the case

Two guest rooms are now ready, which we can furnish in the coming days.Furthermore, the roof of the outbuilding has already been replaced quite abit, this is now ‘leak-tight’ for next winter. We also want to move on quicklywith the murals of the balconies above. The colder period of the year iscoming, so we don’t want to wait too long.

It is fantastic to be able to show the guests all the beauty of Friuli and tobe able to offer them the best of both worlds. That is very satisfying. Allthis far away from the hectic pace of daily life in the Netherlands. Notelevision, no radio and sometimes no internet. Walking together in untouchednature, healthy for body and mind.

A dream come true

Life in Italy is one that you can sustain for a very long time. So muchhealthier too, a different pace. Without guests it is relaxed and not havingto do anything. You always have a motivated and cheerful atmosphere withguests, after all they are on holiday! Together we can give the bestinterpretations to this during an organized trip.

It’s a life you can sustain for a very long time>> Ada, Wim, Marja and Renzo

The intention was and is the same, but in hindsight we should have done it atleast ten or fifteen years earlier. We would have liked to have taken on thischallenge at a younger age. And that is separate from the corona time, thesetback and personal events. ‘That’s life’ with everything that goes with it.Participating in Ik Departure XL has been a fun and special experience!

In the future, we don’t see ourselves in a seniors’ flat. Hopefully by then wecan still do and experience nice things with our friends in Italy in goodhealth. With the beautiful nature around us, simplify life, laugh a lot andkeep busy. In short, enjoy the good life!