Makers ‘Blind Married’ refute criticism of Christophe: “We are sure that Brecht and Dziubi did not experience this” | BLIND MARRIED

TVThere is currently a lot to do about a statement by Christophe Ramont. The former ‘Blind Married’ face expressed on Twitter that he does not agree with the way Dziubi and Brecht are portrayed. He criticized, among other things, “the toxic image that even if two men marry, there is a male and a female”. Meanwhile, the makers of the program also responded to the situation. “We have always taken into account Brecht and Dziubi and what made them feel good.”

The discussion arose after some statements by Christophe on Twitter. “So the gentlemen are allowed to speak at the wedding. Wow, we are 2022,” it sounded. “Extra painful and what I have always resisted: the toxic image that even when two men get married there is a male and a female, apparently Dziubi is the female.” He was referring mainly to the first episode, where the group was split in two. The brides were separated from their grooms, and Dziubi was assigned to the group with the ladies, while the traditional roles were retained, with one of the men waited at ‘the altar’, and the other walked towards it.Dziubi was also carried over the threshold by Brecht.

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Good communication

However, according to the makers of ‘Blind Married’, everything has been well discussed in advance. “It was important to us that everyone felt comfortable. We never created the ‘male-female’ image. Brecht and Dziubi have never experienced this either,” said a producer.

He also explains that the new concept made it necessary to divide the candidates into two groups. “We thought it was important that the candidates had already seen each other beforehand, especially because such a big wedding was to follow. The division of the two groups has been proposed in advance. Everyone agreed. There have been no further questions about that.”

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Other decisions have also always been made in consultation with the duo. “When it comes to the ceremony, Dziubi has indicated that he would rather wait at the altar. The same applies to the speeches. We asked them who would like to say something. In the end, it was Brecht who wanted to take this on,” it sounds further to the makers. “There is really no line. It is not our intention to portray anyone in any particular way.”

No underlying message

The makers indicate that they understand why Christophe feels this way. “But if you look further at the program, it becomes even clearer that there is no line. There is no underlying message. Nothing has been done on purpose to make people appear a certain way. Something that is nicely refuted by Dziubi himself.”

Dziubi, who gave his yes to Brecht in the current season of ‘Blind Married’, confirms in an interview with Showbits that he has indeed never experienced the situation that way. “I never followed through on that,” it sounds, among other things. “I get it, but actually everything is very natural and set up without premeditation.” The moment Brecht carried him over the threshold was also spontaneous: “Brecht thought that was symbolic.”

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Christophe, who does not want to elaborate further on the story, is not exclusively negative. He also clearly follows the course of Brecht and Dziubi. “Praise to the production for putting Lady Gaga in the background during the story of Brecht and Dziubi… Wipe away a tear,” it sounded on Twitter after Monday’s episode.


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