New to stream in October / Specials

It’s October! The month of Halloween. That means time for horror, although not all streaming services pay the same amount of attention to it. However, they all add new series, new seasons of existing series, films and documentaries, so “there is nothing on TV” is really no excuse anymore.

Prime Video

Lena Dunhams Catherine Called Birdy, starring Bella Ramsey, Billie Piper, and Andrew Scott, is out October 7. The year is 1290. In the medieval English village of Stonebridge, Lady Catherine (known as Birdy) is the youngest child of Lord Rollo and the Lady Aislinn. Her playground is Stonebridge Manor, a house that, like the family, has seen better days. Rollo, who is financially destitute and extremely greedy, sees a way out of financial ruin for his daughter by marrying her off to a rich man for money and land. But Birdy, like all great teenage heroines, is temperamental, smart and adventurous, willing to shake off any suitor that comes along in increasingly ingenious ways. Her imagination, defiance and deep belief in her own right to independence put her on a collision course with her parents. When the most despicable suitor of all arrives, they are faced with the ultimate test of love for their daughter.

In the reality series Killer Camp (October 14) 11 well-known influencers from the Netherlands will check in at the American “Camp Pleasant” from the 80s. However, one of them devises a murderous plan that forces all participants to fight for their lives in a strategic cat-and-mouse game. While everyone struggles to unmask the “murderer” among them for a share of the cash prize of 20,000 euros.

During the day, the campers must fight their way through a series of hilarious challenges, while the “assassin” tries to sabotage their efforts, pulling other players in the process. Once darkness falls, a hapless camper is singled out and “killed” each night in the most gruesome and original retro-esque fashion, forfeiting any claim to the cash prize!

The Peripheral (October 21) centers on Flynne Fisher (Chloë Grace Moretz), a woman trying to keep the pieces of her broken family together in a forgotten corner of America. Flynne is smart, ambitious and doomed to fail. She has no future until the future comes for her. The Peripheral is one of master storyteller William Gibson’s dazzling, hallucinatory look at the fate of humanity and beyond.

The series The Devil’s Hour (October 28) follows the story of Lucy, played by Jessica Raine, who is awakened every night by terrifying visions at exactly 3.33 am: the hour of the devil. Her eight-year-old son is withdrawn and emotionless. Her mother speaks to empty chairs. Her home is haunted by the echoes of a life that is not hers. When Lucy’s name is inexplicably linked to a series of brutal murders in the area, the answers that have eluded her for all these years finally come into view. Peter Capaldi plays a reclusive drifter, driven by a murderous obsession. He becomes the prime target of a police manhunt led by compassionate detective Ravi Dhillon, played by Nikesh Patel.

Also new on Prime Video: the series timethe documentary TikTok Boom (both 07 October) and the movies Jackass Forever (October 14) and Licorice Pizza (October 17).


There are new seasons of Bling Empire (season 3, starting October 5), Somebody Feed Phil (season 6, from October 18), Unsolved Mysteries (season 3, episode 1-3 on October 18 and episode 4-6 on October 25) and Love is Blind (season 3, episode 1-4 on October 19 and episode 5-7 on October 26).

Appearing on October 19 The School for Good and Evil. In the village of Gavaldon, two misfits and best friends, Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) and Agatha (Sofia Wylie) share a special bond. Sophie, a golden-haired seamstress, dreams of escaping her gloomy life to become a princess. While Agatha, with her raw style and quirky mother, has what it takes to become a real witch. One night, under the blood-red moon, a mighty force takes them to The School for Good and Evil where the true stories behind every great fairy tale begin. However, something immediately goes wrong, Sophie is sent to the School for Evil, led by the glamorous and fierce Lady Lesso (Charlize Theron), and Agatha to the School for Good, led by the radiant and kind Professor Dovey (Kerry Washington ). As if getting used to school with the offspring of the Wicked Witch (Freya Parks), Captain Hook (Earl Cave) and King Arthur (Jamie Flatters) wasn’t hard enough, according to the Schoolmaster (Laurence Fishburne), only true love’s kiss can do the trick. the rules change and send the girls to their rightful school. When a dark and dangerous figure (Kit Young) who has mysterious ties to Sophie shows up and threatens to completely destroy the school and the world beyond, they must do everything they can to achieve a happily ever after.

And as mentioned, it’s October, the month of Halloween, so you can watch from today Friday the 13th, Insidious, Paranormal Activity 3 and the first three parts of Scary Movie and from October 4 to one of the many films with the title Halloween.


Series getting new seasons on HBO Max in October include stargirl (season 3, starting now – episodes will be added gradually), The Cleaning Lady (season 2, starting now) Pennyworth(season 3, starting October 6), Avenue 5 (season 2, October 11), All American (season 5, October 12), All American: Homecoming (season 2, October 12) and The White Lotus (season 2, October 31).


The new comedy series The Bear (October 5) is about food, family, the grind, the beauty of the sense of urgency and the pitfalls. As young chef Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) fights to change both the business and himself, he teams up with a shabby kitchen crew that eventually turns out to be his family.

The Marvel Studios ‘special presentation’ Werewolf by Night (October 7) is director Michael Giacchino’s ode to old Hollywood monster movies. We’ll tell you more about this next week. Because the Marvel series She-Hulk this month ends, after that a new one will also appear Assembled about the series.

In the miniseries candy (October 12) Candy Montgomery (Jessica Biel) is a 1980s mother and housewife who had everything: a good husband, two children, a beautiful home, she could even plan and carry out all kinds of sins. When the mental pressures of domestic life get to her, she screams with her actions for attention and freedom, until someone tells her to shut up, with deadly consequences.

The film Rosaline (October 14) puts a comedic twist on Shakespeare’s classic love story Romeo & Juliet. The story is told from the perspective of Juliet’s niece, Rosaline, whom Romeo has recently fallen in love with. When Romeo meets Juliet and begins to seduce her, Rosaline is devastated and tries to thwart the famous romance and win her husband back.

Apple TV+

The series Shantaram (three episodes on October 14, then weekly) follows a fugitive named Lin Ford (Charlie Hunnam) who tries to disappear into chaotic 1980s Bombay. Alone in an unfamiliar city, he tries to stay out of trouble. When he falls in love with an enigmatic woman named Karla, Lin must make a choice between his freedom and love and the complications that come with it.

Raymond and Ray (October 21) follows half-brothers Raymond (Ewan McGregor) and (unexpectedly) Ray (Ethan Hawke) who have lived their lives in the shadow of a terrible father. However, they do have a sense of humor and their father’s funeral is an opportunity to reinvent themselves.

Ziggo Movies & Series

Ziggo adds season 2b of . on October 18 Resident Alien, in which an alien makes an emergency landing on Earth and hides in a remote Colorado town. He disguises himself as a doctor, but his mission is jeopardized when a nine-year-old boy sees his true identity.

In the second season of Blood & Treasure (October 3) Danny MacNamara – a former FBI antiquities expert – and Lexi Vaziri – a fugitive art thief with trust issues – join forces to track down a terrorist who is financing his attacks with stolen artifacts.

In the series headhunters from 2020 (October 13), the tough businesswoman Dana returns to the Netherlands when she is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and tries to restore the troubled relationship with her son Lucas.

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