From ‘Minx’ to ‘Schitt’s Creek’, This Hilarious Series Will Fill Up the Void Left by ‘Friends’ | TV

TV”Oh… my… God!” From October 1, Netflix will swing ‘Friends’ from itsplatform and it doesn’t look like the two will just go ‘on a break’. But don’tworry, we’ve listed some worthy substitutes for you to ease the pain of thisnatural streaming cycle. Although you will have to pivot between the differentstreaming channels to operate your laughing muscles. From the chime sensitive’Minx’ on Streamz to the uplifting ‘Schitt’s Creek’ on VRT MAX.

Hilarious, heartwarming and horny. The HBO Max series ‘Minx’ did not miss itsstart this spring. Not least because of his fixation on the male member,something that comes in all sizes, colors and weights in the show. Logicaltoo, because the series tells the story of the first nude magazine for womenin the early 1970s. Joyce pulls the strings, a feminist pur sang, who isactually opposed to the vulgar image of porn books and erotic magazines. Butin order to sell her progressive and qualitative articles on abortion andmarital rape, the entrepreneur must look for packaging that is appetizingenough to win over a wide readership. She teams up with porn king Doug (JakeJohnson) and the two set out on an endearing friendship and professionalpartnership that’s built on the same feel-good base as series like “TedLasso.”

‘Schitt’s Creek’ (VRT MAX)

Few series are at the top of our list of ‘uplifting series for the darkmonths’ as ‘Schitt’s Creek’. This Canadian sitcom created by Eugene Levy(“American Pie”) and son Dan Levy runs for six seasons and tells the story ofthe filthy rich Rose family who lose all their wealth and must move noblesseoblige to “Schitt’s Creek,” a desolate village they once bought as a joke. Thefamily must move into a dingy motel and adjust to a life without money orprivacy. The series was initially a moderate success, but after Netflix pickedup on the big puddle, the interest went through the roof. In 2020, the seriesbroke the record by being the first series to snatch the seven most importantEmmys. For the time being, only the first two seasons are online at VRT MAXand this for a limited time. Hopefully, with collective pressure, that canchange soon.

‘The Good Place’ (Netflix)

Getting in the wrong place and ultimately becoming a better person is also themoral of this uniquely hilarious Netflix blockbuster ‘The Good Place’. In it,Kristen Bell stars as Eleanor Shellstrop, a terribly selfish woman whoaccidentally ends up in the ‘Good Place’ after her death, a very exclusiveheavenly place designed and run by an architect named Michael (Ted Danson).When Eleanor suspects she was mistakenly sent to this afterlife paradise, shemust hide her ethically irresponsible past as she moves heaven and earth to bea better person. The four-season series has received critical acclaim for itscreative and humorous exploration of ethics and philosophy. Plot and courseevolve considerably as the seasons progress, but the big takeaway is thatmorality cannot be poured into one final score, but that people can improvetheir goodness even after death.

‘The Flight Attendant’ (Streamz)

Also ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will no longer be available on Netflix from October1, although you can just move to Prime Video for your regular portion of nerdyscientists. If you’re mainly looking to see Penny at work, you might as welltune in to Streamz for the two seasons of ‘The Flight Attendant’. In thisdarkly comic HBO Max drama, Kaley Cuoco plays Cassie Bowden, a vodka-marinatedflight attendant who wakes up one day in a Thai hotel next to her deceasedone-night stand (Michiel Huisman). With a stunner of a blackout, Cassie mustuse a torrent of flashbacks, hallucinations and alcohol-induced aha moments tofind the puzzle pieces to solve this murder plot before ending up behind barsas prime suspect number one herself. .

‘Abbott Elementary’ (Disney+)

It was the most-tweeted show at this month’s Emmys. And that for two reasons:because of the sensational reception speech by actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, whotook home the best supporting comedy actress statuette. And because creatorQuinta Brunson had to take her trophy for best script for a comedy series withthe clunky weight of a rude Jimmy Kimmel at her feet. ‘Abbott Elementary’shows Brunson as an enthusiastic teacher who does her very best to support thestudents of an underfunded school in Philadelphia. However, the many chaoticmoments are captured by a documentary crew, allowing the series to explore thesame workplace antics as ‘The Office’. The first season has a total ofthirteen episodes of 23 minutes each, but don’t be too sparing with your bingebehavior, because a second season will come out at any moment.