Viewers praise Roxeanne Hazes with Best Singer duet Nielson: ‘Hit’

Roxeanne Hazes likes herself a bit the queen of this season of _Dear Singers_mention, at least if it is up to the reactions of the viewers. Because withher duet with Nielson she scored high. The viewership also thinks that Nielsonand Hazes could well have a hit.

Last night was the last episode of Dear Singers. Jaap Reesema, FerdiBolland, Nielson, Claudia de Breij, Sarita Lorena, Blanks and Roxeanne Hazesspent the past few weeks musically getting together in sunny Seville. Thislast episode is the “favorite evening” of presenter Jan Smit, namely theevening of the duets.

Admiration duet Roxeanne Hazes and Nielson in Best Singers

There are several musical collaborations in the broadcast. Big hits like Thegirl from Ipanema, Fix You, Bitter Sweet Symphony, You ‘ll be in my heart,Circle of life and Holiday in Spain get a Best Singers- sauce.

But one artist appears to really stand out for the viewing public, namelyRoxeanne Hazes. While her brother is in the news today because of hisdocumentary, viewers praise daughter Hazes for her performance in DearSingers. En label her as the ‘discovery’ of the program. The duet betweenHazes and Nielson is particularly impressive, according to the reactions. Theytranslated the song I ‘m With You from Avril Lavigne to Dutch. A song theyhave a common fondness for. “One of my favorite songs from my childhood,”Hazes said. The duo made the song ‘ Who I’m looking for‘ and some viewerseven emphasize that this song could well become a hit.

What a discovery Roxanne is for me. Can that annoying brother suck one more> time? Well done! Let go of all those uncertainties.> #bestsingers>> — Marianne Ammerlaan (@marianammerlaan) September 29,> 2022

Ok, there’s the next hit from this series> #bestsingers>>> — Linda (@Lintweetsagogo) September 29,> 2022

Nice duet..Rox and Nielson.> #DearSingers>> — Janet (@MrsSandvrouw) September 29,> 2022

Who I am looking for is already one of my most favorite Dutch duets ever!> The song fits perfectly with Niels’ voice / sound and every head voice from> Rox gave me goosebumps again 😍😍> #bestsingers>> — Solange (@xdieudonnee) September 29,> 2022

What a great season this was with Roxanne Hazes as a discovery for me. What> a beautiful voice! In these troubled times this is very nice television> #bestsingers>> — Bea Jansen (@BeaPsychologist) September 29,> 2022

Niels & Rox 🥺❤️ So beautiful! Would you please release more duets? It sounds> so so so beautiful together!> #bestsingers>> — 𝔼𝕝𝕫𝕒 (@xxElzaaax) September 29,> 2022

Also many favorable reactions from viewers for Nielson

Incidentally, singer Nielson also gets a lot of praise for his part in thesong. In previous episodes, viewers praised his musicianship and ingeniouslyrics. For which he also praises his co-writer Matthijs de Ronden. “Peoplebehind the scenes are never thanked enough.”

But what can Nielson actually not do> #bestsingers>> — ♡ jacket (@jasminenvb) September 29,> 2022

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