7 Bands That Sell A Lot Of T-Shirts, But Not To Fans

We don’t know who we find more annoying: celebs (and therefore their followers) who wear band shirts and don’t listen to the music or fans of those bands who make a fundamental point of that. Let them have fun. The fact is that some bands mainly sell T-shirts to people who don’t even know they exist.

Thus, if you don’t know them, the Kardashians seem to be the world’s biggest fans of metal and grunge. Our judgment tells us that this is not the case, as if Travis Barker will try to shove his punk down their throats.

Bands that sell a lot of T-shirts, but not to fans

An overview of T-shirts from bands that have become trendy fashion items. A plague for metalheads for years. Sometimes they are on the shelves at H&M, other times at designer brands. For the carriers we have also included a link of the music, to get acquainted. Oh, wait a minute, we may have judged Kim Kardashian too soon. She appears to be dating Metallica frontman James Hetfield.

Iron Maiden

The best example is Iron Maiden. One of the most distinctive and influential bands of the new wave of British heavy metal. Their T-shirts are all fashionable and thus very popular among celebs and normal people. We wonder if they often put on songs like this.

Led Zeppelin

Brilliant 70s band known to the general public for two things: their T-shirts and the eternal Top 2000 song Stairway to Heaven. Below you see TikTok queen Addison Rae not in a bikini, but in such a band shirt.

Guns N’ Roses

We were deeply saddened to see a collection of Guns N’ Roses T-shirts launched at H&M a few years ago. Surely this is one of the bands we were hooked on in high school in the 90s. Anyway, we gathered ourselves together, played the Buddhist and didn’t make a fundamental point of it. Everyone is entitled to such a shirt, including supermodel Sara Sampaio.


Slayer plays very hard thrash metal, in which there is no singing but ‘grinding’. On the street you see the T-shirts everywhere. Have fun listening, Kendall Jenner.

Yes, the guitarist of Slayer liked that too.


On to Kendall Jenner’s half sister. Kim Kardashian is a Metallica fan in her own way. Sorry, dear fans, we sympathize with you.


Perhaps the band with T-shirts that are most worn worldwide by people who don’t listen to the music. Admittedly, the logo is lovely. Not so long ago, designer Marc Jacobs was charged with illegal use of the smiley.


Selena Gomez can wear anything, including band shirts, like this one from AC/DC.

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