BV 24/7. Stephanie Planckaert and Christopher enjoy Lindos and Sieg De Doncker goes cycling with his daughter | showbiz

BVThe show must go on, because the Showbiz world never stands still. Find out what your favorite BVs have been up to in the last 24 hours here in our news stream.


Latest update:


Former ‘Blind Married’ Contestant Candice Martens has moved.

Stephanie Planckaert and her husband Christopher enjoyed their trip to Lindos, Greece.

Peter Van de Veire makes his appearance in ‘The smartest person in the world’ and is ready for it.

Sieg De Doncker going for a bike ride with his daughter Nellebut she doesn’t seem to trust it.

‘Family’ Actor Jan Van Den Bosch went to watch the new theater performance of ‘Nachtwacht’.

influencer Yentl Keuppens lived with former ‘Big Brother’ contestant Julie Vanderzijl the opening of the store of Andy Peelman.

Loredana and Pat Krimson had a nice lunch meeting and reveal that they have made many plans for next fall and for 2023.

Wendy Van Wanten and French went out in France.

Former ‘Blind Married’ Contestant Nuria Gilizintinonova celebrates her son’s third birthday Theodore.

Sam Gooris had a date night with his wife Kelly Pfaff.

Stephanie Planckaert (left) and Sieg De Doncker (right). © Instagram Stephanie Planckaert @stephanieplanckaert and Instagram Sieg De Doncker @siegdedoncker

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