Evan Peters plays serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer: “One of the hardest things I’ve ever done” | showbiz

Celebrities’The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’, the series about the serial killer whokilled 17 men, is on Netflix and even managed to achieve the best series debutever on the streaming service. But it was actor Evan Peters (35) who was giventhe heavy task of playing Dahmer and that was not obvious. “I was so scared ofall the things he did,” he said in an interview with Netflix.

American actor Evan Peters was given the extremely difficult task of taking onthe role of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the Netflix series ‘The JeffreyDahmer Story’. In an interview with the streaming service, he candidly talksabout this experience. “It was overwhelming that it all really happened. Itwas also very important to be very respectful to the victims and the victims’families and to try to tell the story as authentically as possible.”

To prepare well, he previously watched Stone Phillips’ interview with Dahmer,read several biographies and was even allowed to read the police report withhis confession. He continues in the interview that the process was absolutelynot self-evident. “I was very afraid of all the things he did. Going fullyinto this was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life,just because I wanted it to be authentic. I really had to go deep for this.”Fortunately, Evan could count on the unconditional support of the crew. “Ican’t thank them enough because I couldn’t have played this role without them.It was a real challenge to try and portray this person, who was seemingly sonormal, but underneath everything kept a whole world hidden from everyone.”

All parties involved

There was one important rule to this project: the story is never told fromDahmer’s point of view. “The public doesn’t sympathize with him, but onlywatches from the sidelines. It not only tells his story, but it also revolvesaround the repercussions and our society. How, among other things, our societyand our system failed to stop him, because of racism and homophobia. It’s atragic story, but all parties involved are covered. The series is bigger than’just’ Dahmer himself.”

The true crime series ‘The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ is available to watch onNetflix.

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