“How much he looks like Peter R.”

Royce de Vries joined in last night Humberto on Sunday to talk about the Heineken kidnapping that happened nearly 40 years ago. And especially about the role of his father Peter R. de Vries in this. According to many viewers, he is starting to look more and more like his dad.

What viewers from Humberto (Tan) also noticed: the calm with which Royce de Vries speaks. “Nice to listen to him,” it sounded on Twitter about the man who lost Peter R. de Vries to an attack last summer.

Book Heineken kidnapping breakthrough Peter R. de Vries

Freddy Heineken, director of the brewery of the same name, was kidnapped in 1983 with his driver Ab Doderer. The perpetrators were four young Amsterdammers, Cor van Hout, Willem Holleeder, Frans Meijer and Jan Boellaard. Peter R. de Vries wrote the book about the kidnapping The Kidnapping of Alfred Heineken and published this in 1987. It is regarded as one of the most widely read Dutch books and became De Vries’ breakthrough. The great success was told from the perspective of the kidnappers and Peter R. de Vries became friends with Cor van Hout, who was murdered in 2003. That friendship of the then Telegraphjournalist was called controversial.

Royce de Vries was not yet born when his father’s book came out. “I grew up with the book,” says De Vries. “It was often discussed at home and I read it at a young age. My father built his career with the book, that’s how it started. It played a big part in my life and I got to know many people from the book personally. It is a story that has come close to me.”

Royce de Vries about Cor van Hout

Royce de Vries told in Humberto nice about father Peter R. de Vries (you can see the whole broadcast here). For example, it was about the fact that De Vries was the only journalist who flew with the four suspects to Sint Maarten, where they were temporarily allowed to serve out their ‘house arrest’ on the beach. A beautiful photo of Peter R. de Vries behind his typewriter on the same beach. “It made the front page every day.”

The journalist previously wrote a letter to Cor van Hout, who was detained in France, who, according to Royce de Vries, probably did not like him at all in the first instance. „He wrote for The Telegraph with big heads, so he wasn’t happy about that. After six weeks he received an answer from Cor van Hout.” According to Royce de Vries, himself a friend of Van Hout’s son, the friendship that arose was a gradual process. “My father had asked in the letter whether he could do something for Cor van Hout. Then he wrote back that he would like it if he could come every Monday The Telegraph would send. Then he could see what Ajax had done. My father did that every day, assuming that they would be there for another two weeks and then be extradited. That ended up taking two years.”

‘How does he look like Peter R. de Vries’

Royce de Vries’s stories about his father were beautiful, but the resemblance is especially striking. Or maybe it’s getting more and more striking. His voice, his attitude, it’s all Peter R. de Vries. Many twitterers saw that and appreciated his way of speaking.

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