Not understood David (13) steals with dance act show in Holland’s Got Talent: ‘It is a beautiful guy’

David (13) has concentration problems at his practical school in Zwolle. He does not always feel understood by his teachers and prefers to dance rather than count. To express his feelings, he made a dance number, arranged for the Zwolle rapper Rico for supporting lyrics and signed up for the talent show program Holland’s Got Talent. The performance was shown on TV on Friday. The audience gave them a standing ovation. Rico: “I think he’s a great guy, I love him.”

Since Friday September 30, a large part of the Netherlands has known who 13-year-old David is, when he was seen in an audition round on RTL 4 in the evening. Holland’s Got Talent. David came up with a song in which he dances and Ricardo McDougal, better known as Rico of the rap formation Opgezwolle, the spoken wordpart did.

‘I immediately thought of Rico’

David approached the rapper from Zwolle himself at De Fakkelteit, a breeding ground at Poppodium Hedon where young people between the ages of 13 and 23 can get to work with hip-hop and rap. Rico can often be found there as well. “I immediately thought of him, if old school rapper,” says David. “Then I went to him, maybe he’ll come up with something cool.”

And Rico came up with something ‘cool’. He came up with the lyrics for David’s dance number, which is mainly about his misunderstood school days. As icing on the cake, Rico David surprises just before the performance in Holland’s Got Talent with a video message. “You must have thought I forgot you had an audition today. I know you can do it, you got it skills in your. That’s okay.” Then the rapper from Zwolle tells that he has another surprise. “Would you like to turn around?” There’s Rico. “Didn’t expect it, did you?”

‘There’s more I can do’

Then the time has come: David can perform. As he begins to dance, Rico enters the stage. The rapper from Zwolle translates David’s feelings about his school days into lyrics. He raps: “This is not ordinary. I am only thirteen years old and this is already my fourth school. There’s more I can do. What you see is a boy with a learning disability. Concentration problems, too high energy. You won’t believe it when I earn my living like this. Look into my eyes, it’s character what you see. That’s why I’m in the front, David is my name. Thankful that my mother understands me. Good times, bad times, she is there for me.”

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Standing ovation

After the performance, David gets a standing ovation from the audience. He also receives praise from the four jury members. Dan Karaty is especially curious about how David met Rico. “I have a kind of meeting space in Zwolle, De Fakkelteit, where young people can work on rap music. In the same room there is also a dance hall, where I see David dancing every Wednesday,” explains Rico. “I think he’s a beautiful guy, I love him.”

Four yeses

The jury gives David a ‘yes’ four times. He is through to the next round. The whole episode of Holland’s Got Talent can be viewed here.

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