Camouflage in Massa is Kassa to catch intruder: ‘With lamp’

In reality soap Mass is Cash took the law into their own hands last night. A man regularly enters one of the holiday parks by cutting a hole in a fence. That has to stop now, according to the Gillis family. So the intruder had to be caught in the act. Viewers have marveled at the way in which it happened.

No leading role for Peter Gillis and his Nicol Kremers last night (last week for the girlfriend of the holiday park millionaire, when his dog Coco ran through a chicken run). Now she was just playing a ‘head turd’. 657,000 viewers saw Peter Gillis empty a chemical toilet of their camper “because Nicolleke had put a hand grenade in it”. Whose deed.

Thief on site means no mass is cash

So catch a crook. That’s where it went yesterday Mass is Cash to. If he really does break in once, the parks credo ‘mass is cash’ will of course not hold for a while. The black-clad man was once caught by a tree-mounted camera, but he could not be identified. Everything out of the closet now, thought Gillis son Mark Gillis (the one from the famous ‘fox wild walk’). Parkie Mark, who was called Mark Jong-Un by a number of viewers, had to watch at the fence overnight. He only had no time for himself that night, because of other crowds. What kind of crowds? No one will ever know.

“Rambo Ruudje is preparing for the worst”, voice-over Frank Lammers introduced. Ruud is the other son of Peter Gillis and also the somewhat clumsy handyman. And of course it Mass is Cashcharacter with the inevitable puns that some viewers enjoy and others hate. When Nicol Kremers entered a DIY store in stiletto heels yesterday, you just knew that Ruud was going to make it. And so he did: “So, with the heels over the ditch.” Many more followed.

Mass is Cashier Peter Gillis
Jan Pieter after a heavy night. Screenshot: SBS6 / Mass is Cashier

The roar was out of the air

Ruud stocked everything from sleeping bags to flashlights (“in case we still want to see the light”), spray against mosquitoes and ticks (“that’s not a good sign”) and er… frankfurters. He had to spend the camouflage night with the robust Jan Pieter Cox, who checked three times whether his companion had really brought the frankfurters. Ruud and Jan Pieter then went into the night on camp beds in the bushes – and with frankfurters. Mark did drop by with stuff to camouflage the faces. The result was more tragic than hilarious.

Was the all-or-nothing campaign successful? Well, if you’re talking about a good night’s sleep. The roar was in fact not out of the air and… the intruder skipped a night. Ruud had only ‘heard a hedgehog’. Viewers of Mass is Cash must have sat on the couch shaking their heads or laughing out loud. Everything looked well arranged. Only: that enormous camera lamp that continuously illuminated the setting: according to many twitterers, it was not really useful, was it? To be continued…

The entire broadcast of Massa is Kassa can still be viewed.

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Camouflage in Massa is Kassa to catch intruder: ‘And then a camera lamp on it’

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