Johan Derksen about series Linda de Mol: ‘A tasteless monstrosity’

Yesterday we wrote that the reactions to the latest SBS6 series from Linda deMol are not tender. Johan Derksen is in it Today Inside a little more ontop. “The series is already a monstrosity. Badly acted and badly written.”

The series FIVE LIVE is about the divorced couple Sara (Linda de Mol) andRoderik (Waldemar Torenstra) who present a fictional talk show together. OnTwitter, critics do not mince words: they call the program “crowded” and”bland” among other things. According to viewers, the makers could also havethought a little better about the fact that one of the characters is calledOrlando Boldewijn: a seventeen-year-old boy who was murdered four years agoturns out to bear the same name. A spokesperson for Talpa said about this:”The character Orlando is fictional and the name – now it turns out veryunfortunate – was chosen by chance.”

Derksen: ‘The Dutch cannot act’

In Today Inside the gentlemen discuss programs on national television, amongother things. In the latest episode, the SBS6 series is first laughed at theall-rounder, to which Derksen states that it could be worse. “The worst thingI’ve seen is Linda de Mol’s new TV series. The acting was very bad.overacting like the Dutch do. Apparently Dutch people can’t act. It didn’tlook like anything.”

The analyst has nothing good to say about the program. “This is tasteless andnot fun at all. If you write such a thing with self-mockery, then you have towrite that the presenter’s husband is cheating with production ladies. Thenyou have a sense of humor.”

The scene in which a parody of television critic Angela de Jong gets a lamp onher head caused a lot of controversy and Derksen also thinks it is his own.”This was a personal settlement with Angela de Jong.” Still, he can’t help butsneeze at De Jong, with whom he had already quarreled. “I think it’s evenworse that Angela de Jong then responds with a column. Then you are reallychildish.”

Reaction Angela de Jong

Angela de Jong has in a column on let us know what she thinks of theseries „Let’s face it. Having me end up for dead at a talk show table with abloodied skull is not only the wet dream of Linda de Mol, but in any case ofall her colleagues at Talpa and three quarters of her other colleagues in theHilversum snake pit. I can handle that. What I can’t stand is a drama seriesin which the biggest clichés about the TV world are conveniently pastedtogether, sometimes quite good actors have put on a cheap wig and that as aformer TV queen, who always prided herself to know what her viewers want tosee, seriously thinks that you deliver a top production à la Divorce and_Gooische Women_.”

FIVE LIVE by Linda de Mol

Lawyer Job Knoester is a guest and agrees with Derksen. “It’s kind of turninginto a bitch fight. I don’t think Linda needs this at all. It would have to beway too big for this.” Presenter Wilfed Genee then says with a laugh: “Ialways wonder how long our contract will run.” Derksen does not think thegentlemen have to worry: „If The All-rounder – what you should be ashamed of– attracts 700,000 people, then we can sit here until we die.” That TodayInside does not just disappear from the tube, as it turned out earlier: afterthe infamous candle story, the plug was pulled from the program in May thisyear, but after two weeks it returned cheerfully.

Finally, De Mol’s program gets one more time from Derksen. “The series isalready a monstrosity. Badly acted and badly written.”

You can watch the episode of Today Inside below or via KIJK.