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Anyone buying a new TV can quickly get caught up in spreadsheets full of blurry specs and other factors to watch out for. We have therefore asked our experts to do this for us, in order to select the best television of the moment.

This is a shortened version of a overview with the best televisions on BestTested.

The best TV of the moment: LG oled55C25LB

C2. © LG

Advantages: Very good image quality, excellent contrast, ideal for gamers and sports enthusiasts due to the high refresh rate, high brightness for an OLED TV
Cons: Much more expensive than C1 from 2021
Price: 1299 euros

This year’s LG C2 is a great television with a few advantages over the 2021 C1. The screen brightness is higher, image processing and color accuracy are slightly improved and the bezels around the screen are narrower.

The four HDMI 2.1 ports support 4K video at 120 frames per second, perfect for the latest generation of game consoles. There is hardly any delay in the image and the refresh rate can be variably adjusted, which is also ideal for gamers.

The television has new, improved screen panels. In addition, it is available in many different sizes, between 42 inches and gigantic 83 inches. The chance that you will find a model that fits in your living room is therefore high. All models are supplied with a narrow foot, although you can also hang this television on the wall with a bracket.

A good alternative: Samsung QD oled QE55S95BA

QD oled
QD oled © Samsung

Advantages: Higher brightness than normal OLED TVs, excellent gaming features and performance, excellent contrast.
Cons: Screen does not appear completely black in bright light, remote control has limited number of buttons.
Price: 1549 euros

This is the first QD OLED TV that Samsung has ever sold. It combines high brightness with perfect contrast, great viewing angles and very accurate color reproduction. And due to the technology used, it is brighter than regular OLED TVs like the one above, while the contrast is well maintained. This TV is cheaper than Sony’s QD competitor, while being nearly identical in performance.

The S95B is hardly more expensive than ‘normal’ OLED televisions, which makes it a formidable competitor. In terms of functionality, the Samsung S95B is also not inferior to other top models with its excellent smart TV system and four HDMI 2.1 ports.

The higher brightness that QD-OLED makes possible is clearly visible in comparison with a normal OLED television, but high-end LCD televisions such as the QN95B from Samsung are considerably brighter. For use in a room with a lot of (sun) light, such an LCD model is therefore a better choice. In all other cases, the S95B is one of the best televisions of the moment.

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