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TVIf you’ve watched the seventh episode of ‘House of the Dragon’, there’s a good chance you couldn’t see anything that actually happened in it. The episode was so dark in color that viewers had difficulty recognizing the faces of their favorite characters. The dark episode is said to have been a conscious choice by the makers, although many Twitter users clearly do not agree with that decision.

Fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ may have had a ‘déjà vu’ watching the seventh episode of the HBO prequel ‘House of the Dragon’. During the episode ‘The Long Night’ in the final season of the original series, there were also some scenes that were too dark to see. Remarkably, both that episode and the seventh episode of ‘House of the Dragon’ were both directed by the same person: Emmy winner Miguel Sapochnik.

When many fans expressed frustration (in the form of memes) after watching the seventh part of the prequel on Twitter, one of the HBO accounts on the social medium defended the director’s choice: “The dark lighting of the scene was a conscious creative decision,” they wrote.

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But the fans were clearly not pleased with this. Many of them claim that the episode is “unwatchable” because the screen is simply too dark. When the same reactions came to the dark episode of ‘Game of Thrones’, the director responded: “The dark-lit cinematography was necessary for the atmosphere of the series. From the perspective of where the story was supposed to go – which was to reach a surreal, chaotic climax – we needed an environment that was friendly to that,” Sapochnik said. It is not yet known what his argument is this time.

Check out some Tweets about the seventh episode below:

“A photo of my face watching ‘House of the Dragon’ last night.”

“House of the Dragon” maintains the classic Game of Thrones tradition of making an episode so dark it’s almost unwatchable.”

“Me who have to squint every week to see something from ‘House of the Dragon’.”

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The trailer for the seventh episode:


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