Rico: ‘My farewell may be theatrical’

Why this particular number?

“This song touches me every time I hear it. It left an indelible impression onme when I sang it as a nineteen-year-old boy with my father. We playedtogether as amateurs in the opera Faust and on the evening of the general Atrehearsal we heard that my grandmother had just died. The premiere was alsoheld on the day of her funeral, and then we stood there and sang together.This song is so powerful instrumentally and instinctively works towards aclosing piece.”

“Two years ago my father died of corona and then this song sounded again. In asmall circle but no less impressive. The pastoral worker used the instrumentalpieces to say a few more words, that was really beautiful. I would love it ifthis song is also played at my farewell, although I also realize that I myselfno longer hear it. if they take comfort in it, it’s all right.”

What does it say about your life?

“It says something about my childhood, about the family I come from. Operaplayed an important role in our home. My father always sang in operas and inthis way he transferred the love for music to me. When I was eighteen I wentwith two friends also at the opera and the association was overjoyed thatthere were finally some men again.”

“All three of us came from a church choir and wanted to do more with music.Faust also has something religious, so that fit nicely. I like thattheatrical. I still sing in amateur musicals. Wonderful! And it is notcoincidentally that I have a specialization in voice. my profession. Faust ismy favorite opera, although La Bohème comes close too.”

Where do you prefer to listen to music?

“In a theater, with several people around me, because you immediately sharethe beauty and emotion with each other. I go to the theater very often and Imissed that a lot in corona time. With friends, but just as sweet alone. ThatI can just cycle to DeLaMar and Carré is a great happiness. I also likelistening in the car, because then I don’t have to do anything else. At home,music is mainly a background filling.”

How many lists do you have on Spotify?

“I have piles of CDs and I hardly listen to them. But I don’t throw them awayeither. I don’t make lists on Spotify. Usually I listen to the radio. That canbe 538, but also Radio 1. I’m the last “At that time, especially a fan ofpodcasts. True crime and also fiction. In terms of music it is really not allopera, by the way. Also Robert Long, ABBA, operas, musicals, a lot of jazz andeven Billy Idol. I am an omnivore.”

What is your guilty pleasure?

“The number For A Friend from The Communards. That song immediately swingsme back to the beginning of my speech therapy training. It also touched mevery much at the time and as far as I’m concerned it should also be at myfuneral. And indeed ABBA. When I got the album ABBA Arrival, I didn’t haveEnglish in school yet and I made it ar-rie-val in my head. Only years later atSchiphol did I realize that it was natural arrival used to be.”