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TVThe mother of Tony Hughes, a victim of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, is not happy with the recently released Netflix series ‘Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’. It is unclear to her how the series could ever be made.

The sixth episode of Netflix series ‘Dahmer’ tells the story of 31-year-old deaf man Tony Hughes. It shows how Jeffrey Dahmer meets Tony and starts a relationship with him. The show implies that when Hughes tries to leave after a night together, Dahmer kills him with a hammer. The episode ends with Dahmer cooking and eating Hughes liver after donating money to the quest set up by Hughes mother after her son’s sudden disappearance.

In reality, now 85-year-old Shirley Hughes, who was teaching Bible studies in Milwaukee at the time her son was killed, claims that there are many inaccuracies in the series. “I don’t see how they were able to make this series,” the woman said. “I don’t understand how they can use our names and bring such things out without consulting us as relatives of the victims.” Due to her distaste for Netflix, the woman has also joined a group of people whose relatives (sixteen in all) were murdered by Dahmer, who vehemently oppose Netflix’s dramatization of the facts. Especially since the creators of the series didn’t consult them.

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Rodney Burford as Tony Hughes and Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in the Netflix series Dahmer © Netflix

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According to the lead actors of the hit series, including creator Ryan Murphy and Dahmer actor Evan Peters, the series did strive to put the stories of the victims and the trauma of their families at the center of the production. Nevertheless, without the input of the family members.

For example, the nephew of Dahmer victim Errol Lindsey, Eric Perry, wrote on Twitter that his family members discovered the series when Netflix released it on September 21, and it quickly became the platform’s most-watched show. Without being notified in advance. But Perry’s niece also wrote separately on Twitter that the show felt “harsh and careless.” “Netflix was not required to consult the victims’ families because the events portrayed in it are public. But the way it happened has traumatized the loved ones of those killed by Dahmer again,” Perry added.


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