BV 24/7. Christophe and Nick from ‘Blind Marriage’ have something to celebrate and who owns this cute tattoo? | showbiz

BVThe show must go on, because the showbiz world never stands still. Find out what your favorite BVs have been up to in the last 24 hours here in our news stream.

candice from ‘Blind Married’ and Amy from ‘K2 is looking for K3’ are abroad together.

Christophe and Nick from ‘Blind Married’ celebrate their ‘wedding anniversary’. “Special date and date. October 12 is and remains the wedding anniversary, even though we are divorced of course (and Nick is happy with another man and Christophe is looking for another man). Always nice to see each other again, it was really too long ago…but on this day we have to make time of course.”

Kate Bollen enjoyed her walk. “Since the beginning of September I start the day with an hour of walking. Wonderful: exercise, nature and a nice podcast in my ears.”

Bieke Ilegems wishes her followers a fantastic day.

Marie Verhulst counting down to the holidays.

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‘Wings’, the new clip from K3has been viewed more than 500,000 times.

Fabrizio ‘The Bachelor’ Tzinaridis was in front of the class again yesterday. “How nice to be able to set foot in this nice school again after twelve years and to be able to stand in front of the class this time. This time, too, I was able to expose my heart and soul with the aim of inspiring.”

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