First young dropouts Kamp van Koningsbrugge amaze viewers

A new season Kamp of Koningsbrugge started last night and immediately caused a lot of commotion among the viewing public. Because the two young dropouts in this first episode raised quite a few questions from viewers. But there was also respect for two other candidates.

Ten famous Dutch people will compete with each other in this edition of the program. Presenter Natasja Gibbs, Chef’Special drummer Wouter Jerry Prudon, Ruinerwold son and speaker Edino van Dorsten, singer Ruben Annink, Presenter Iris Enthoven, Dragqueen Boris Schreurs, Actor Niels Gomperts, Oud-Oranje Leeuwin Daphne Koster, radio presenter Celine Huijsmans and actor Tarikh Janssen belong to that group.

In the Belgian Ardennes, familiar faces are subjected to severe and nerve-racking trials. “Something different from the TV they normally make,” said former commander Ray Klaassens.

Viewers surprised about young dropouts Kamp van Koningsbrugge

Viewers are amazed at the two young dropouts in this first episode. Because both singer Ruben Annink and actor Niels Gomperts leave the program fairly quickly.

First it is Annink who abruptly breaks off his participation during a march. “Just call me a bitch or little sissy, this was it. I can’t, I just can’t keep up.” He tells in tears that his knee is giving out and he is clearly disappointed with himself.

Niels Gomperts leaves program due to authority problem

Gomperts previously won the All Star edition of Expedition Robinson and also about his participation in Kamp of Koningsbrugge he was confident. “I think if life had turned out differently, I could have become commando,” he says at the beginning of the episode. But it soon becomes apparent that Gomperts becomes irritated when he is spoken to sternly. The actor chose to sleep for 56 minutes during an abseil assignment and is then scolded by the commandos. As a sanction, he has to keep watch for the coming night and is not allowed to sleep. But as soon as the actor hears that, he decides to stop.

Positive reactions from viewers for go-getters

But in addition to criticism, there is also praise for two other candidates. For example, viewers praise the perseverance of Natasja Gibbs. Who considered himself a burden to the group, but kept going anyway. “I am not the biggest and certainly not the strongest”, after which she emphasizes that her participation will come on mental strength. And it shows in the first episode. And Edino van Dorsten also creates high expectations with his television appearance. These two go-getters sat at the table with Humberto Tan last Sunday to talk about their participation.

Incidentally, there are also viewers who emphasize that it is very easy to comment from the couch. After all, the best helmsmen are ashore.

You watch Kamp van Koningsbrugge via NPO.

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