Olivia Wilde Controversial Over All Wild Erotic Scenes In ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

There was, and still is, quite a lot to do about Don’t Worry Darling. Olivia Wilde’s film had some setbacks. For example, Harry Styles would have spat on Chris Pine, Shia LaBeouf was fired, according to the director, while he says he has left himself, but the quarrel between Wilde and lead actress Florence Pugh was especially striking. How come?

Of course, Wilde did a lot of advertising for her film. Whenever she got the chance to promote her project, she did, but she mainly talked about all the sex scenes in the film. The director said the following about this.

According to Wilde, this was an important aspect of Don’t Worry Darling. For example, she said some time ago:Why aren’t there any good sex scenes in movies anymore? It’s not very common anymore, but it can be very important for the story and how the moviegoers see the characters and their relationships“.

In my view there is a lack of eroticism, at least in American films. I even wanted to show several ‘hot moments’ in the trailer, but the Motion Picture Association didn’t let me. According to some people there was too much sex in the film and they are not happy about this. That’s not the point of the movie either. We just want to provoke you“.

Lead actress Pugh strongly disagreed with this. During each interview, she was again asked about the many sex scenes, mainly due to the fact that Wilde continued to promote them. Pugh had had enough of this and she made it clear.

Why can’t we just talk about the sex scenes? Or about the most famous man on earth (Styles) making love in the movie? That’s not what the movie is about. That’s not why we act and that’s not why I’m in the film industry. ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ is much bigger and better than just that“.

Now, during a new interview, Wilde is again talking about it, but the necessary people notice that she expresses herself very differently about her film and has made a big turnaround.

She now says:It’s interesting what Florence said and she’s 100% right. I totally agree with her that some people just want to talk about the sex in the movie and therefore stop talking about the whole story and the movie itself. We need to stop focusing just on the sex scenes, because as Florence makes it clear, the movie is so much more than just that. I was really happy that she said this, because I feel exactly the same!

On social media, the invitees react quite surprised, since Wilde was the one who properly promoted all the sex in the film, but now she is lashing out at the people who do this. There are also many reactions to be found that say that Wilde is just talking from her neck.

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