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interviewOn Prime Video is killer camp started, a horror reality program in which eleven influencers participate. Call it a mix of Expedition Robinson, The Traitors and an eighties horror film”, says comedian Ruud Smulders, presenter annex ‘camp leader’. “But it is above all something completely unique.”

It’s called ‘Camp Water Joy’. A summer camp in a forest by a lake. Eleven youngsters play games, laugh, talk and sit by the campfire in the evenings. Yet there is enormous tension, because here in the forest there is also a ‘murderer’. And the leadership is in the hands of a creepy camp leader, Smulders.

killer campwhat kind of program is this?

Smulders: ,,Well, it almost feels like a parody of all those whodunit reality programs. This is Expedition Robinson meets The traitors meets an eighties horror film. Like Halloween or Friday the thirteenth.”

But is it real or is it acting?

,,Eleven candidates are at a camp, where they have to do all kinds of activities to earn money for a pot. One of them directs a killer – handyman Boris – who springs into action at night and brutally kills a candidate.”

But not really…

“It’s part reality, they really have to play those games and they really don’t know who gets killed at night. But the candidate who comes to his end does act in a spectacular final scene. A small part in that slasher horror movie. scream 4 say. I’m presenting it, but if I had been a candidate, I would have wanted to die in the fattest murder.”

You play the role of a creepy camp leader in red tracksuit with scary stories by the campfire.

“Candidates hung on my every word at the campfire. Also because of course they were very curious: who is being killed? As the days went by, it got more and more exciting. At campfire four you really felt it. Like: oh yeah, we’re still making a program, but we find this all so exciting and intense. Deep in the woods, another scary story and who is that killer?”

Scene from Killer camp. © Amazon Prime

You could even have been that killer, even if you look dubious as a presenter…

“I believe I was cast for that. Skyhigh TV, the producer, remembered me from the program scum test. The editor-in-chief called and said, “I’ve got the perfect part for you. A kind of schizophrenic presenter who is above all more scary than fun’. From asshole test they knew: there is something wrong with that boy. Haha, can’t help but lead a camp where teenagers are slaughtered. This is a role made for me. Unreliable, crazy, then you seem to come to me. And who knows, during the episodes it may turn out that I have something to do with the killer, but of course I can’t say anything about that.”

Don’t you regret that killer camp is broadcast on Prime Video and not on linear TV, for example at the NPO, RTL or SBS 6?

“I think linear TV would never have dared to take these risks. They would never have gone for such a new cast (see the photo below, ed.). Never for such radical endings every time. And to be quite honest, they might never have gone for me either. Linear TV is a household name pool thing after all.”

You are a comedian, what are your plans for the coming period?

,,I am writing and trying out for a new show that I will be touring from September next year. What I’m working on now is a satirical podcast with Andries Tunru and Stefan Hendrikx. If you men from the radio know, this is ‘Guys of the Podcast’. New generation, same ridiculousness. Three improvising comedians performing a skit. A daily comedy snack of three to seven minutes.”

Killer Camp airs on Prime Video every week with two episodes on Friday, with the finale on October 28. The podcast Radio Random can be heard daily from 31 October.

Killer Camp
Killer Camp © Amazon Prime

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