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A special nature event can be seen in the capital today. Early in the morninga trek starts there, in which thousands of Amsterdammers leave the ring forthe first time this year. The participants can be recognized by their shortsand sporty outfits. Don’t go on the track, but encourage by clapping andyelling. Read more about the marathon here.

Track Cycling: World Championship

The Track Cycling World Championships in Yvelines and Saint Quentin, France,have been underway for a few days. The Netherlands will undoubtedly also scorehighly on this final day, because driving laps is apparently in our genes,whether it is on skates or on a bicycle. Terms like Keirin, Omnium, Scratchand Madison are making the rounds today! Read here about Harrie Lavreysen whobecame world champion on the keirin for the third time in a row.

Roy Eefting with his bronze medal in the men’s scratch event during the secondday of the UCI Track Cycling World Championships. © ANP

Design Secrets

Designing a beautiful interior starts on the drawing board, but it doesn’tstop there. Designers Jeroen van Zwetselaar, Eric Kant and Linda Lagrand takeviewers to beautiful projects at home and abroad, events and network drinks.The passionate interior designers also tell what they like about theprofession, where they get their inspiration from and they advise viewersabout the latest trends.

The Great Renovation – start season 5

Presenter Kevin McCloud has seen many special homes pass by, but this time hecan’t believe his eyes. He is in South Devon with Joe and Clare, a couple whohave turned their home into a complete work of art. Although the question iswhether you can still call it a house. It is a large sculpture, which isinspired by the Devon landscape. The gigantic structure is 70 meters long andhas 34 huge oblique shards that jut out in all directions.

Ice Road Rescue – Starts Season 7

National Geographic – 20.00

Those who get stuck with the truck in the icy mountains of Norway can count ontow heroes Thord Paulsen and his crew in Odda and the quirky Bjørn Lægreid inEidfjord. When a truck threatens to crash down a steep slope into a largelake, the men spring into action, but the rescue is grueling and takes no lessthan 16 hours. They have to risk their own lives to get this job done.

An image from Season 7 of Ice RoadRescue.An image from Season 7 of Ice Road Rescue. © NGC

College Tour – start season 15

A program like College Tour stands or falls with the guests and this seasonstarts very strongly with a special main guest. Namely none other thanJamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt! He won a gold medal at three consecutiveOlympics. After an impressive sports career, during which he even made anattempt to become a football player, he is now committed to underprivilegedyoung people worldwide. Under the leadership of presenter Twan Huys, thestudents are allowed to ask the iconic sportsman anything. Read here who theother guests are this season.

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