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adoption scandalThe TV program without a trace launches an external investigation into a discredited Colombian intermediary and a Dutch correspondent who linked adoptees to the wrong biological parents. The editor-in-chief announced this this afternoon in a conversation with whistleblower Barbara Quee. The Colombian victim confirms this against this site.

Last week crime journalist Kees van der Spek revealed that without a trace in the past matched Colombian adoptees with the wrong biological parents. The program itself confirmed that there have been at least two mismatches and is still investigating twelve other cases.

In the search of the adoptees for their biological family, the program used a Colombian fixer and a Dutch correspondent to act as an intermediary. The Colombian, Edwin Vela, has now disappeared without a trace since the scandal came to light. The website of the organization Colombian Roots is down.

In the past, the Dutch correspondent worked for the organization Wereldkinderen. She had to leave because of allegations of inappropriate practices. Nevertheless, remained without a trace use its services. The program hired Vela to search for biological parents of adoptees. Together they selected sixteen cases for the program. The Dutch has so far not responded to requests from this site.


It was a positive and constructive conversation. I was able to put everything on the table

Barbara Quee, victim

Positive and constructive

Barbara Quee, the Colombian adoptee who revealed the mismatches together with Van der Spek, spoke this afternoon with the editor-in-chief of without a trace. She was ‘stunned’ about the reaction of presenter Derk Bolt, who in the program Khalid & Sophie said he believes in Vela’s good intentions.

Quee joined the program in 2005. It stated that her biological mother had been found. The woman said she had gotten into trouble and asked not to contact her again. In the end it turned out not to be her mother.

Quee has a good feeling about the conversation with without a trace. She is pleased that the program is launching an external investigation into the two intermediaries. “I’m happy,” said Quee. “It was a positive and constructive conversation. I was able to put everything on the table. This is a first step towards finding a solution for the victims. The ball is now in the court without a trace.”

A spokesperson for KRO-NCRV only wants to say that it was a pleasant and constructive conversation. At the beginning of the broadcast of without a trace tonight Derk Bolt returned to last week’s news. He indicated that the makers are disappointed that mistakes were made in the past. He added that DNA testing is now being used, which means that there is one hundred percent certainty. Bolt called on former participants who have doubts to sign up for the program.

Presenter Derk Bolt in a broadcast of Spoorloos © kro-ncrv

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Journalist Angela de Jong wondered at Op1 last week how credible the Spoorloos program still is:

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