A ‘virgin lamb’ takes a chance and Olga Leyers quizzes without pants (or so it seems) in ‘The very smartest human being’ | THE SMARTEST HUMAN IN THE WORLD

TVShe already had the victory of Bart Cannaerts and Michèle Cuvelier, but at the start of her third inning it mainly seemed that Olga Leyers had forgotten to put on trousers or another wardrobe item. There were mostly bare legs to be seen. Jury member Jelle De Beule immediately noticed this. “I think it’s risky that Olga isn’t wearing pants,” it sounded. Which of course was not the case. But Olga also didn’t make it with (short) pants this time.

She only wanted to uphold the honor of the family. When she immediately succeeded in her first participation and Bart Cannaerts saw his record blown through the nose, ‘De Allerslimste Mens’ was only ‘fun’, fun, entertainment and ‘girl power’ for Olga Leyers. And in the final she had to give up on girlfriend Danira Bouhkriss, ‘a girl with a mission’: to become the Very Smartest Human. And nothing less.

Nice mission by the way, to become the ‘Smartest Human’. Whether it’s a sensible mission is another matter. Danira has since survived five episodes. Two straight wins, three finals won. At her first participation, she met competitor Geert Meyfroidt in the final. He was clearly more than satisfied with his three participations and suddenly knew little to say about Erasmus in the final. Danira’s second final was a killing field for opponent Gilles De Coster. “I had no chance at all,” he said. And now Danira was sitting opposite a completely relaxed Olga Leyers. He had already crawled through the eye of the needle twice (just think of Sally Rooney and Cruijff) and wanted to do that stunt again. It could have been better: the keywords spy, scout, deminer, sergeant and lieutenant were really not that difficult to designate the Stratego pawns (lowest in rank). Still, it didn’t work. To which Danira played out coolly and mercilessly. “I’m not going to cry”, the girl made clear, that in 2016 Kris Wauters was played home after eleven participations and then cried tears of disappointment.

So Danira is in victory mode. However, she can no longer become the best player. That is and remains Bart Cannaerts. She may soon become the second best candidate for ‘Allerslimste Mens’. And thus ensure that always interesting spot, where you can warm up one episode first and then, if you survive, you get to play the grand finale. If Danira continues to steam a bit, Bart will have to be very wary.

And then there was the debut of Riadh Bahri, also described as the ‘nicest VRT journalist’. And always with the tip of his tongue between his teeth when he has to laugh. You can laugh at him, because he laughs at himself. At his first visit to ‘De Slimste Mens’ in 2020 we already learned that he had already contracted some venereal diseases. Now we learned that he was free from syphilis. Good to know…

The roguish, cheerful jury duo Sven De Leijer and Jelle de Beule obviously had a hard time with Riadh. Which led to a lot of funny moments. You can also laugh in between the quiz violence.

The best quotes

Riadh (describes his feelings): “I feel like a virgin lamb on my way to the slaughter to be ritually slaughtered without stunning by these two beautiful divas here beside me.”

Riadh (why he participates): “I come to laugh, to have a good time. But that will be difficult tonight.”

Riadh (about his anchorage at ‘Het Journaal)’: “Sometimes I come home and ask myself what I’ve been saying for half an hour. But the viewer may have that too.”

Erik (to Riadh about Danira and Olga): “You play against the Bart Cannaerts killers.”

De Beule (says what everyone is thinking): “I think it’s daring that Olga hasn’t put on any pants.”

Danira (after Riadh talks about ‘pooping’): “That’s a Journal anchor hey.” To which De Leijer replies: “Correction: wax.”

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Hilarious moments

The professional jury continues to discuss how much Erik Van Looy actually earns (after Danira complimented Erik). “You should be able to do that, read things from cards and get paid a lot for that,” says De Beule. To which De Leijer: “He does that for two months at a time and he has to wait the rest of the year.”

The professional jury and Danira laugh at the possibility that Erik Van Looy would one day present ‘Het Journaal’. Recognizable sentences follow such as “It happened”, “That’s not on my card”, a firm “God damn it” and the infectious laugh.

The practical test is and remains the nightmare for the candidates. But for ten seconds they do everything. So also a bad acting performance as Bart De Wever.

Tipping moments

Just about for the first time, some seriousness is released in ‘3-6-9’ and Van Looy is allowed to strike.

‘Open door’ is a weak round for the candidates. Also in the ‘Puzzle’ Riadh remains on the sucker. Danira and Olga score a lot and quickly.

Riadh gets a very simple photo question and quickly scores a maximum. Danira has to recognize flags in a Rubik’s cube and doesn’t. She scores a zero. “I think this is a stupid round. I think everything is stupid”, is her reaction. And suddenly she looks at a big disadvantage.

In the all-decisive round of films, all candidates score well, but Riadh gets an extra 100 seconds. In the very last clip, Riadh unwittingly seals Olga’s fate. He stops after three correct answers, because he is sure to win. Olga finds a fourth answer about K3 and Eurosong, but Danira scores the last answer and gets 50 seconds in the end. Those will be decisive in the final.

In the finale, an easy question about Stratego seals Olga’s fate. Exit after three entries and no place in the final weeks.

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The final score (for the final game)

2. Danira Bouhkriss 371 sec.

The score

1. Bart Cannaerts 17 entries 9 victories 7 finals won 1 final lost

2. Danira Boukhriss 5 entries 2 wins 3 finals won

3. Jonas Geirnaert 5 entries 2 wins 2 finals won 1 final lost

4. Liesbeth Van Impe 4 entries 3 wins 1 final lost

5. Delphine Lecompte 4 entries 2 wins 1 final won 1 final lost

6. Jelle Cleymans 4 entries 2 wins 1 final won 1 final lost

7. Lotte Vanwezemael 3 participations 1 victory 1 final won 1 final lost

8. Gilles Van Bouwel 3 entries 2 finals won 1 final lost

9. Eva De Roo 3 entries 2 finals won 1 final lost

10. Olga Leyers 3 entries 2 finals won 1 final lost

11. Michèle Cuvelier 1 entry 1 final lost

12. Riadh Bahri 1 entry 1 win


2 entries, 1 win



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