Couple on Texel steals hearts from viewers Million Hunt

You have winners and winners. The couple who received the home prize of Miljoenenjacht last night, they were people of whom everyone says: ‘That money is well spent, it has been awarded to them.’ That is what happened on Twitter. The winning couple from Texel provided beautiful TV.

Linda de Mol scored last night on her final episode of Postcode Lottery Million Hunt like a fool. More than 1.5 million viewers tuned in to SBS6 and the viewership number became the highest of the day, on the Journal from 8 p.m. and Eredivisie football after. Great news for De Mol, who has returned to TV, but all the more poignant for her is the viewing figure of Five Live to be. For the series in which Linda de Mol has the lead role, more than 900,000 people – who Million dollar hunt followed – hard.

Yvonne earns a lot from Millions Hunt

The last participant in Linda de Mol’s studio was Yvonne from Eindhoven. In the end she opted for a ‘bank offer’ of 107,000 euros, a wonderful amount for her. There was still a bit of play going on for the form. In the end she would have had a 50 percent chance at 20 cents and 50 percent at half a million. Yvonne would have gone home with 500,000 euros, but was also more than satisfied with the large barrel. “I didn’t want to take the risk anymore.” All in all a nice amount, if you compare it, for example, with ‘the low price’ of a few weeks ago.

The consequence of her choice: Winston Gerschtanowitz was allowed to take the boat to Texel with the same 107,000 euros to make a home winner happy. “I’m in the middle of nowhere”, he was the first to report, while a kind of horror scenario unfolded on TV of a pitch black evening and Gerschtanowitz’s face in a vague blue light. “People often say ‘you won’t come to the Wadden Islands’. Well, the proof is there. And we have already been to Ameland.”

‘I already saw you on television!’

The TV man knocked on the door of a picturesque farmhouse near Den Burg with a flashlight. Back, of course, as it is in the countryside. It took a while, but then “I saw you on television!” called. That must be a strange sensation when suddenly your own house appears on the screen. But it really does happen. „I already said: that know nothing else,” said the aged man once in the doorway. Gerschtanowitz: “I have fantastic news for you.” The islander admitted that he “needs to regulate his heartbeat.”

It turned out to be Mr. Sijtsma. He showed a house full of rubbish. The presenter gave it a nice twist: “I always say ‘I save’.” In front of the television, Mrs. Sijtsma also appeared to be sitting in a comfortable chair. From then on, the enthusiasm fence was off the dam. “How glad I am to see you!” cried the cheerful and surprised lady. She couldn’t get up to shake Gerschtanowitz’s hand, because she’s quite infirm.

Couple wanted to quit lottery

“Does the television have to be turned off?”, asked Mr. Sijtsma very thoughtfully. “Yes,” replied Gerschtanowitz, “otherwise we hear ourselves all the time.” The couple could hardly believe that they had high visitors. “Guys guys guys,” the woman exclaimed. “This is great,” said her husband. The two have been playing in the Postcode Lottery for years. ‘s husband Million dollar hunt again: “You probably thought: they never come here.” Mr. Sijtsma: „Yes, and to think that we would actually stop. With all that energy and those expenses.” “I’m so glad you didn’t stop,” Gerschtanowitz could only say. The home winner: “You can come by more often.”

The couple is originally from Friesland, but decided to live on Texel. He: “That was in 1974.” His wife: “Can I call my daughter?” The television man had to put a stop to that, of course, because the live broadcast had to go on. “She can watch this back or see it on TV now. Otherwise, one and a half million people will see that you are calling your daughter.”

Another prize from Million Hunt

They watch those two Texel residents every Sunday evening. And now it happened in their own living room: golden festive scraps and Gerschtanowitz with a price of 107,000 euros. “It’s really really great,” said the winner. His wife: “And then we also received three bakery vouchers this week.” Also from the famous lottery, of course.

But hey, wait. To top it all off, the Sijtsma couple turned out to be the only ones with their own zip code to play the lottery. Because another 107,000 euros would be distributed, that entire amount went to the already so happy couple. In short, 214,000 euros will go to Texel. Then the two fell silent for a moment. After which Mrs. Sijtsma asked: “Do you have to go all the way back now?”

Many viewers of Million dollar hunt loved Gerschtanowitz’s visit to the winning couple, according to comments on social media. In any case, the couple has stolen the hearts of Twitter users. “Give those two their own program”, they quickly say. And so it happened. Below you can read some nice reactions to the Sijtsma family.

For those who want to watch Miljoenenjacht: you can find the broadcast here.

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