Sinterklaas quarrel between Henk Westbroek and escalates

The cold between Henk Westbroek and is still far from over. In fact, the quarrel between the singer and the company, which uses one of Henk Westbroek’s texts in an advertising campaign, continues to grow. The Utrecht singer says that he has engaged his lawyer.

Henk Westbroek approached this weekend, after the company stated the sentence in a toy book Sinterklaas, who doesn’t scan it used. With this, the web store refers to a QR code that is included with all products in the book. The sentence is a variation of Who does not know Sinterklaasthe hit that Westbroek in 1982 with Henk Taming scored.

For some it is an honor that his lyrics are still being used after 30 years, but Westbroek was not happy that his lyrics are being used for commercial purposes. Certainly not because he was not informed about it. What also upsets him is that the same thing happened to him last year. Then Albert Heijn “fouls his copyright”, he says himself. acknowledges: ‘Is a mistake, clumsy’

“Last year Albert Heijn decided to give a shit about my copyright. And the company got off with a donation of 5000 euros to the food bank. Plus a lot of free advertising,” the singer wrote on Twitter this weekend with a photo of the toy book. “This year I am aiming a little higher. After all, recidivism.”

It is striking that Albert Heijn and fall under the same parent company. commented on ‘s tweet Westbroek know that it is “indeed a double fault”. “Clumsy, especially because our brother Albert made it last year. We are good together, but we don’t tell each other everything.”

Henk Westbroek has engaged a lawyer

A conciliatory conversation followed today between Henk Westbroek and the main responsible for the toy book of As a solution, this chief responsible proposed a donation of 10,000 euros to a charity, with which has previously collaborated.

But there was no question of reconciliation: Westbroek rejected’s offer. “It cannot be the case that the thief decides what the punishment will be,” he says. He has informed the web store that his lawyer will contact the company. Westbroek is not yet sure what the legal steps should bring.

Singer wants compensation and more money for charity

The singer is considering compensation for the free advertising that would have received due to the media attention to the issue surrounding the toy book. There might be an extra amount on top of that that must be donated to a charity chosen by Westbroek. “You have to put some kind of fine on it,” says the singer. The web store “is sorry” that the company did not come to an agreement with Westbroek.

Henk Westbroek previously stated that he finds it “terrible” that his number Belgium is used during meetings of the PVV.

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Sinterklaas quarrel between Henk Westbroek and escalates: ‘Lawyer engaged’

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