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With videoThat the Eindhoven Yvonne has balls, was announced on Sunday evening in the last episode of this season of Million night well clear. But her guts were not rewarded: she played off one big amount after another, leaving the bank anything but generous. Despite that fact, Yvonne returned home with a big smile and a large amount of money.

The nearly 1.6 million viewers saw her start so energetically in the first round: Yvonne played away the 200,000 euros and 750,000 euros, but she mainly managed to get low amounts from the briefcases. Linda de Mol was very enthusiastic and called it a ‘very nice opening round’. The bank turned out to think the same, because Yvonne received an initial offer of no less than 77,000 euros. ,,An extremely high opening bid, really. I almost never see that,” said the presenter with surprise.

But 55-year-old Yonne, who would love to start a small-scale bed and breakfast in the Portuguese Algarve, decided not to go into business with the bank. Round two, however, went a lot less well for her: both the 1 million euros and the 2 million euros went out of the game. Again the bank made an attempt to convince Yvonne to stop, but for 103,000 euros she preferred to play a little further.

Success was not exactly on her side, because once again she lost a large amount: the 2.5 million euros. “Ow, ouch, ouch. That’s not good. We now need three lows”, De Mol cheered the nurse on. She then played away 25,000 euros, 100 euros and 50 euros, but her hopes of winning a large amount diminished with the round. Meanwhile, the bank reported again with an amount of 166,000 euros. Did Yvonne have to choose eggs for her money or did her curiosity win? She went ahead no dealmeaning Yvonne continued the game.


Ow, ouch, ouch. That’s not good

Linda de Mol


Unfortunately, her courage was not rewarded: in the fourth round, Yvonne picked out the 5 million. ,,Amazing bummer”, De Mol empathized with her. Due to the loss of the huge amount, the bank offered 100,000 euros less than the last bid. De Mol again gave Yvonne some courage: she only had to open two briefcases with low amounts and then the bank would probably come up with a better offer. Yvonne took the gamble and closed the box: no deal.

Yvonne in Million Hunt © Talpa

The bank did not come up with a much better amount after that: 89,000 were bid. Yvonne took the risk and declined the offer. After opening one more briefcase, the bank gave her 107,000 euros. What did she care, she thought, and so again she didn’t settle for the offer. “Ah, boys”, exclaimed De Mol. Yvonne had to make sure that she would keep the 300,000 and 500,000 euros in the game, but when she opened the next briefcase she saw the 300,000 euros pass by.

The bank turned up again and saved Yvonne: the offer of 107,000 euros was still valid. “Yes, I have to take this,” she concluded. And so she went home with more than a ton in her pocket. What was in her own briefcase? 500,000 euros. Yvonne’s dream to start a bed and breakfast in Portugal shattered, but with buying a new car and taking a nice trip with her children, Yvonne was already pleased with it.

Million dollar hunt is a popular briefcase game. This year it meant Linda de Mol’s return to SBS 6 after the abuses in The Voice of Holland. Linda stopped her work in January after it turned out that her ex-partner Jeroen Rietbergen was involved. The recordings of Million dollar hunt dragged her through a dark period. A warm applause from the studio audience during the first episode moved her.

Yvonne in Million Hunt.
Yvonne in Million Hunt. © Talpa

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