Hilarity among LLDL viewers for ‘DJ Roy’ performance: ‘Was not good’

Long live the love regularly makes for laughable television. Just like yesterday, when Roy showed his DJ spinning skills to his date Debby. Because Roy provides the necessary hilarity with his performance LLDLviewers.

Although the program is now known for the eccentric candidates and awkward dates, this time DJ Roy appears to be doing well with viewers. Roy appears to be quite confident about his DJ career and emphasizes that his life is not always easy.

“I have actually seen little of the world, due to lack of time,” says the DJ fairly quickly. He later explains to his date that the DJ life is sometimes a “lonely existence”. And Debby questions Roy’s busy schedule and wondered aloud if her date even has time for love at all.

Roy brags about DJ existence in Long Live Love

But apparently Roy isn’t quite behind on that either. “People sometimes forget that the work I do is a big show. I work in a commercial scene. You have to play a bit to keep people in. That comes with it, you have to be able to cope with that.” And also with those words Debby looks a bit dubious.

In the end Roy chooses to impress his Debby with his DJ skills. All his equipment is brought out to show his date something. But Debby seems less convinced of his spinning skills than Roy himself. She therefore does not hesitate to point out to Roy that his transitions are not optimal. “You’re pretty critical,” Roy replies.

LLDL viewers laugh at date Roy and Debby

Roy eventually decides he doesn’t want to extend his date. He noticed during his stay that a “switch” was coming and things were not running smoothly. Debby thinks the same and there will be no sequel to this DJ love affair.

Despite that, the viewing public again feasted on this unique date. Viewers of the dating show can laugh quite a bit at Roy’s comments and Debby’s unvarnished opinion. Entertaining television, though.

You watch Long Live Love back via KIJK.

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Hilarity among LLDL viewers at ‘Dj Roy’ performing before date: ‘Wasn’t good’

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