hopefully Limburgers will swallow their roots

‘It’s a matter of patience, waiting quietly for the day, when all of Holland is talking Limburgish…’ Who hasn’t ever sung Rowwen Hèze’s song at a party, without even saying a word? You can enjoy Limburg in the cinema from tomorrow, because the romantic feel good Matter of Patience can then be seen. And certainly not only in Limburg.

Because we sometimes get the accusation that we only write about the Randstad, it is Matter of Patience Subway‘s Movie Review of the Week. But no joke: Dutch rom-coms are usually not overloaded with compliments and meanwhile crowds of people are attracted to the cinemas. This one, with the umpteenth leading role for Barbara Sloesen in a relatively short time, therefore deserves a discussion. And also, or still, that Limburgish is a very nice subject.

Literally a matter of patience

Barbara Sloesen is such a true Limburger, but as chef Monica she has packed her bags and exchanged the fictitious village of Noorbeek for Amsterdam. She is causing a furore in a popular hotspot, but she wants more: setting up the coolest star tent in an old garage in Amsterdam-Noord. Before the plan becomes reality, she has to return to Limburg for a day to arrange something. Friend (Manuel Broekman) runs the place for a short while.

Once back in Limburg, Monica appears to want to collect money from her ex Sjeffie (Frans Dam puts down a beautiful village girl), whom she has not seen for ten years. The couple was entitled to the inheritance of Monica’s parents who died in an accident, but the considerable mountain of money was actually meant to renovate the family home together. Monica now wants to put her share in her fat star tent, but Sjeffie only wants to give his ex her way “when all trees are the same size”. To make a long story short: the departed Noorbeekse remains – necessarily – in Limburg much longer than planned. It all has to do with the hassle of the past, a crucial role of an aunt (Bianca Krijgsman) and well, also with that little villager of course. Monica literally has to deal with that matter of patience.

narrow-minded villagers

Hopefully the Limburg cinema-goers can have their established roots, but for outsiders it’s fun anyway. When Monica has returned, we see her home base full of cursing cyclists and the bar/dancing that has been there unchanged since time immemorial. What narrow-minded villagers – could have been anywhere, by the way – want to give birth in Noorbeek (‘otherwise it will be a Maastricht child’). And Monica’s old friends? They have never bothered to come to Amsterdam: „A cup of coffee is 5 euros there, right? Do you get a treasure map or something?”

In Matter of Patience Limburgish is spoken (as far as is possible with all the different dialects). Whether that was successful is something the southerners will have to judge. This reporter really has no idea.

Matter of Patience Barbara Sloesen Limburg Bianca Krijgsman
Barbara Sloesen and Bianca Krijgsman.

Third leading role Barbara Sloesen

Barbara Sloesen is doing well in leading roles. Of Matter of Patience in fact, she has taken on her third supporting role in two years. Subway met her on the way for interviews about the Christmas film released in mid-summer due to corona Everything is as it should be and another feel good, Heavily In Love! 2. She already worked with director Ruud Schuurman for the summer Christmas film, so it is not surprising that the two have found each other again.

Schuurman knows very well what Barbara Sloesen can deliver. In one way or another, the roles she is given appear to be particularly easy and natural. But yes, that’s what we call talent. Worth mentioning is the share of Florence Vos Weeda. Not long ago, TV viewers saw her as a high school student in the lead role of the series The Slut of 6 VWO. Now she is the pregnant notary woman who is in the beginning of Matter of Patience turned out to be a bitch from Limburg. Funny: TV and radio reporter Lex Uiting who recorded his only hit Nao ‘t Zuuje (number 388 in the Top 2000) is singing at a fair.

The Limburg primal band Rowwèn Heze was not allowed in Matter of Patience are missing of course. They perform in the film with their song. Matter of Patience is understandably also the title song. It got a new look with the participation of Roxeanne Hazes.

Rating from 5: 3.5

SubwayYou can read the film review of the week every Wednesday around 6 p.m. New titles always appear in Dutch cinemas on Thursdays, such as Matter of Patience (sometimes also on Wednesdays). Reporter Erik Jonk chooses one every week. Next week we’ll talk to you about Grutte Piera ‘ridiculously long’ Frisian of 2.10 meters for the Middle Ages with a rather special story.

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