Olivia Wilde wore her engagement ring and talked wedding plans with Jason Sudeikis just weeks before Harry Styles romance: nanny

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’s former nanny is dishing even more dirt aboutthe exes and their dramatic breakup.

While the former couple, who are parents to Otis, 8, and Daisy, 6, cametogether earlier this week to issue a joint statement slamming the nanny’s”false” claims, the Daily Mail has released interview footage with theirformer employee, whose name has not been made public. In it, she challengesWilde’s timeline of the couple’s split, saying the _Don ‘t Worry Darling_director and actress was telling Sudeikis she loved him via text days beforeshe and Harry Styles went public with their relationship in early January2021. The nanny also talked about how twinned she became in the mess, withSudeikis talking to her about it for hours at night after the kids went to bedand becoming involved in their therapy sessions.

According to the nanny, who spent three years working for the couple, Wilde’sclaim that she and the Ted Lasso star split at the start of the pandemic wasuntrue. The employee claimed Wilde and Sudeikis were going strong just weeksbefore Wilde fell for Styles on the set of Don ‘t Worry Darling in October2020, and said Wilde and Sudeikis didn’t officially split until Nov. 8 (aroundthe time it was reported in the press).

The nanny pointed to images of Wilde wearing her engagement ring on Sept. 8,2020. She said she was with them on the trip to Malibu over Labor Day weekend.

“Why don’t you just … look at her ring on Labor Day weekend,” the nanny said.”This was right before she started seeing Harry. She’s wearing her engagementring from Jason and laughing as she’s on the beach.”

The nanny claimed that around that time Wilde told her she was planning tomarry Sudeikis within the year, expressing excitement that Daisy would be acute flower girl.

The nanny said Wilde then became smitten with Styles in October when _DWD_production began in Palm Springs, Calif., and started spending more time awayfrom home. The nanny brought Daisy to the set, because the child had a smallpart in the film, and she recalled Wilde being visibly “giddy” around Styles.At the start of November, Wilde moved into the Paramour Estate Hotel in LA,telling Sudeikis it was because of a COVID outbreak on the set. However, shebroke up with him soon after, on Nov. 8, during a visit to the house theyshared.

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As reported earlier this week in part one of the nanny’s interview, Sudeikisand Wilde broke up after a huge fight at their home. Wilde was preparing asalad with a “special dressing” that she was bringing to Styles, 10 years herjunior. Sudeikis was upset and filmed them fighting. Wilde claimed she was”scared” of Sudeikis. When Wilde tried to leave the home, Sudeikis thenallegedly laid on the ground under her car so she couldn’t drive to seeStyles. He later uncovered the full details of Wilde’s relationship withStyles by reading messages on an Apple Watch that she left behind at theirhome.

The nanny claimed Sudeikis was “erratic” and “unstable” after the blowup andbreakup. She also claims Wilde continued to string Sudeikis along. Wildeallegedly slept nude in the same bed as Sudeikis, swam naked in their pool andsend him texts claiming she loved him up until December 29, when Sudeikis, thenanny and kids flew to London so he could shoot Ted Lasson. (Wilde andSudeikis were photographed hugging after their reported split on Nov. 16. Theywere also pictured hugging on Dec. 20.)

It was just days after Sudeikis left for London that Wilde went public withStyles at a wedding. The nanny claimed she tried to contact Wilde thatweekend, but she claimed she had bad cell service. The nanny said she foundout about Wilde’s new relationship with Styles after seeing it on the cover ofa tabloid.

“I’m like, wait, how can you be holding hands with Harry and they’re takingpictures of you, and you’re a couple, but you just left?” the nanny recalledthinking.

The nanny also claimed that after Wilde and Styles’s relationship becamepublic, Wilde accused Sudeikis of being the source of a story that claimedWilde cheated on him with Styles.

The nanny said everything became even more complicated after Wilde went publicwith Styles. She was in London with Sudeikis, who would talk to her two hoursat night, after the kids were asleep, about his relationship woes. He’d alsotext her all day. (Some of the texts between them were previously revealed.)The nanny became involved in the former couple’s therapy sessions, sheclaimed.

“The way [the therapist explained Wilde leaving to] me and Jason is, we arereality,” the nanny said. “Her children, Jason, and myself were reality, soshe didn’t want to talk to us because she was living in a different worldnow.” The therapist also allegedly told the nanny, “Olivia is like an addictright now” — with an addiction to Styles — “so we have to treat her like anaddict to get her back to the family. It’s like having a drug addict come backto reality.”

The nanny felt put in the middle of everything. Sudeikis also had the nannystart seeing his life coach, so she had an outlet in which to discuss all thedrama she found herself pulled into. However, she recalled the coach askingher so many questions about Wilde that she started to be suspicious that itwas “manipulation” and they were trying to get information out of her to useagainst Wilde. “It was getting really weird,” she said, so she stopped talkingto the coach.

Wilde and Sudeikis, who haven’t been speaking amid their split and subsequentcustody battle, banded together Monday to respond to the nanny’s first part ofthe interview.

“As parents, it is incredibly upsetting to learn that a former nanny of ourtwo young children would choose to make such false and scurrilous accusationsabout us publicly,” they said. “Her now 18 month long campaign of harassingus, as well as loved ones, close friends and colleagues, has reached itsunfortunate apex. We will continue to focus on raising and protecting ourchildren with the sincere hope that she will now choose to leave our familyalone.”

Social media has been going crazy this week about the nanny revelations.People have been fascinated about what was in Wilde’s “special dressing,” inher salad for Styles, prior to an upset Sudeikis blocking her car with hisbody.

Wilde later posted to Instagram a salad dressing recipe, from Nora Ephron’s_heartburn_ playing into the frenzy.

(Screenshot: Olivia Wilde viaInstagram)(Screenshot:Olivia Wilde viaInstagram)

(Screenshot: Olivia Wilde via Instagram)

And the frenzy continues. On Thursday, the brand Gray Poupon, which had itsmustard name-checked in the heartburn salad dressing recipe, capitalized onthe mention.

“You too could win someone over with a dash of Gray Poupon with our limitededition ‘Don’t Worry Dijon’ jars” — a play on Don ‘t Worry Darling — staytuned for how you can get your hands on one.” The image included the jardraped in a red boa, a nod to Styles.