Do you ever watch First Dates?

First Dates is — you can feel it coming — a dating show. Runs in more than20 countries and is a hot topic on the Internet. That success is not alwaysreflected in the couples that arise, but it does provide a lot of beautiful,fun, vulnerable, funny moments. And you can find some of it here!

1. Dating (and what not, except for driving) is better with a beer.

First Dates: a beer hatch>>> — Nick (@nickhoekman) Apr 13,> 2022

2. The program is simply wonderful.

First dates are looking for background eaters….that’s for me he uwv?>> — Eagle Marinade (@ArendMarinade) February 13,> 2022

3. With a little discomfort every now and then.

When your First Dates opponent says ‘I’m not quite sure if there is a> romantic click yet, but I think it would be nice to meet again’>>> — Kakhiel (@Kakhiel) February 6,> 2022

4. And there’s always something to be said about that bartender.

First Dates. > My dad: ‘That woman looks more at the waiter than at her date’ > Always said they should put a less handsome bartender there>> — Caro (@studio_caro) January 31,> 2022

5. Truly beautiful things also come out of it.

You know what I still love?>> At the end of June 2021 I signed up for First Dates Teens, my best friend> did the same. We made following deal; if neither of us is chosen for the> program, we go on a date together.>> Next week we will be together for 6 months.>> — eline :3 (@PatatMetPootjes) March 6,> 2022

6. People are vulnerable. ♥️

Piece of first dates… 🙁> #sametonsame>>> — Rich Hofman (@RijkRainMan) December 14,> 2021

7. It really does something to the viewer.