Heleen van Royen and Johan Derksen argue Today Inside

Heleen van Royen and Johan Derksen appeared last night Today Inside notexactly unanimous. On the contrary, Van Royen could count on a number ofsneers from Derksen. But VI viewers thought the author had a point.

The table discussion arises when the World Cup in Qatar is discussed. It waspreviously announced that at least 6,500 people were killed during thepreparations for the football spectacle. Johan Derksen has regularly spokenout about this, because according to ‘the mustache’ the Dutch government isnot taking the right role in this. Derksen believes that prominent Dutchfigures such as the king, queen or ministers should not travel to Qatarbecause of the human rights that are being violated there.

Johan Derksen about Qatar World Cup in Today Inside

But the World Cup in Qatar also has interests for the Netherlands. because_VI_ guest Chris Woerts says that the Netherlands owes the Arab countrybecause of the evacuation of Afghan interpreters. Qatar helped the Netherlandsat the time. And presenter Wilfred Genee emphasizes that the liquid gas fromQatar, which the Netherlands wants, also weighs heavily.

But Derksen sticks to his position and believes that there should be moreprotest from the Dutch government. Genee also asks Van Royen for her opinionand apparently she thinks differently than her 73-year-old table companion.“We are always pointing fingers. I always find it very difficult when you aregoing to tell someone else what to do or not to do.” According to her, aMáxima or Willem-Alexander should ask themselves whether the case does notgnaw at their conscience. “But I don’t understand why someone else is going tosay: ‘You can’t go there, because I think it’s a shame what happened there’.”

Heleen van Royen: ‘Are you going to watch the World Cup, Johan?’

Mr Derksen already looks somewhat dubious at the words of Van Royen and then astern “Dear Heleen” sounds, after which he starts a plea. “They arerepresentatives of the people and the king also represents the people. And 75percent of the people don’t want them to go. Is that finger pointing? Verymassive finger pointing, they can’t ignore that.” After which Derksenemphasizes that the principles of the royal family are hard to find. “Soapparently they have no principles, it’s just ordinary about money.”

“But Johan, are you going to watch those matches?” Van Royen picks up againwhen Derksen has finished his speech. “You really shouldn’t do that.” Andthat’s where Van Royen misses the mark, according to Derksen. “No, now youkeep saying stupid things,” he responds.

Johan Derksen: ‘You are talking shit’

Van Royen raises her voice at the Today Inside -table. “Yes, hello,principles. If you say I think it’s disgusting, we shouldn’t do that and weshouldn’t go there. So you actually think we shouldn’t have played footballthere.” But according to Derksen, we cannot avoid that. “We can get out ofeverything, why not?” asks Van Royen. After which Derksen explains that withsuch a decision, the Netherlands will be expelled from FIFA and blow up theentire Dutch football. “Refreshing”, Van Royen responds.

Van Royen mentions once again that we should not point too much at someoneelse. After which she emphasizes that wrong things are also happening in theNetherlands, such as a subsidy affair or gas extraction in Groningen. ButDerksen quickly draws her attention to the fact that 6500 deaths cannot becompared with that. “From now on, we no longer point to countries, we are notcritical and we think everything is beautiful,” says Derksen sarcastically.”You’re talking from your neck,” he says towards the dinner guest. “No, I’mnot talking from my neck,” Van Royen reacts fiercely.

VI viewers understand Van Royen

After that, the discussion moves to another topic, namely the Hazesdocumentary. Van Royen watched the documentary because she was curious. “TheHazes family is one of the most famous families in our country.” After whichDerksen cynically “well” grumbles through her. “Johan thinks I’m alreadysweating my ass, even though I haven’t said anything yet.” The two don’treally align. Incidentally, it appears from the responses of the VI viewersthat some can follow Van Royen’s point of view.

Totally agree with Helen van Royen. If you really want to be principled, you> don’t make TV broadcasts every day during the World Cup. Just pointing at> others is so easy.>> Many people (myself included) are too much of a football fan to boycott the> World> Cup.#todayinside>> — Finbar van der Veen (@FinbarvdVeen) October 20,> 2022

#todayinside > Helen van Royen is right. We always talk about other countries and are much> more hypocritical ourselves. That starts with the cabinet.>> — Robert (@bertusdebeste) October 20,> 2022

#todayinside>> Completely justified question from Heleen v Royen…”Are you going to watch> the matches?”>> — Antonie Niessen (@AntonieNiessen) October 20,> 2022

Helen is right!> #todayinside> everyone just measure up. We are no better as a country ourselves> #bananarepublic>> — pcb (@pcb1970pcb) October 20,> 2022

what a bad one> #todayinside> tonight and it wasn’t Heleen’s fault, good that she went against Johan’s> hypocrisy, only he blew her off like he has been doing a lot with guests> lately.#Done with> it>> — Light (@AccountVanLamp) October 20,> 2022

how hypocritical are those Genee and Derksen, soon they will be back in> VIOranje> #todayinside> to fill their pockets, laughable>> — Jan Rozema (@rozema_jan) October 20,> 2022

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