Wrong But Gold down with 574,000 viewers

It’s up to successor from next week Secret Duets to do better.

Wrong But Gold

In recent years it seemed as if everything Chantal Janzen touched turned into gold, but those times are officially over. The program Fout Maar Goud, which was announced in advance, started this first season with 815,000 viewers. Great score, you might say. But holding on to that number was out of the question. Yesterday the program managed to attract ‘only’ 547,000 people. It was not the lowest point: that was 393,000 on the evening of the Gouden Televizier-Ring.

Kamp of Koningsbrugge Special Edition

So on this Thursday evening, most people didn’t watch RTL4, but… NPO1. That channel mainly got the viewers with the NOS News from 8 p.m. (1.7 million), EenVandaag (1.1 million) and Kamp van Koningsbrugge Special Edition (1 million). Remarkably enough, the latter did not produce anger this time, but tears. Almost all viewers sympathized with Natasja Gibbs who – despite her enormous perseverance – was advised to surrender. Physically she just couldn’t keep up, no matter how much she wanted to.

The Stir

Despite the disappointing viewing figures of RTL, it went a little worse on prime time last night on SBS6. The normally popular program Het stir managed to attract only 504,000 viewers. All hope was not lost yet: Today Inside (717,000) and Heart of the Netherlands (553,000) managed to straighten things out reasonably well later in the evening.


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