100,000 houses a year is a lot

Hugo de Jonge joined the talk show again last night On 1 to tell you what the real situation is with the housing shortage. Or better: how ‘he’ is going to have 900,000 new homes built and therefore 100,000 homes per year up to and including 2030.

We have news: Hugo de Jonge admits that this is a difficult task, which may or may not be completely successful. The Minister for Housing and Spatial Planning is thus giving a lot of advice. After all, as minister ‘of Corona’ he was nicknamed #Hugokanniks.

Hugo de Jonge pulls the cart

It is clear that we have a housing shortage in the Netherlands. New homes are simply needed, lots of new homes. The man who must and wants to lead the way: Hugo de Jonge. Not all people – to put it mildly – ​​have confidence in that given his corona past. Just take that face mask deal. But Hugo de Jonge perseveres. For example, last month he started talking about 60,000 student residences in eight years. How does he himself view the future of our housing market?

“We cannot afford the housing shortage that we now have, 300,000 homes, we cannot afford to drag on any longer,” the minister said in a statement. On 1. With his well-known smooth speaking style: „So we will have to have a lot of houses built in the future. And so we will have to create certainties for the future for all those big issues that come our way, whether it is the energy transition or housing construction. Precisely if we want to counteract uncertainties and counteract polarization as a result of that uncertainty, we will have to create certainties.”

How many houses are being built?

“Should the next coalition agreement state how many people are allowed to live in the Netherlands?”, wanted presenter Fidan Ekiz. Hugo de Jonge: “I think we should arrive at a policy guideline for migration. I think it’s very necessary to do that. We have set up a State Commission that will advise us on demographic trends. Not only about growth, but also about the aging side of it and how we can prepare for it. Demography should become a much more important topic in The Hague, yes.”

Ekiz’ colleague Sven Kockelmann concluded with the question: „Give us a guide number. How many houses will have been built if you stop as a minister at the end of this period. Hugo de Jonge covered himself with a hand gesture of ‘don’t hold me to it’: “We are doing everything we can to achieve at least those 900,000 by 2030. With the uncertainties of today, that will be very complicated. Then it may well be that it will take longer to actually exceed 100,000 homes per year. At the same time, we also have to tell ourselves that we don’t have the luxury of saying ‘we’ll just get off if there’s a headwind’. Then we have to pedal harder.”

You can still look back on 1.

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