James Bond icon demands disclaimer from The Crown: ‘Brutal sensationalism’

Before even a millimeter film of the new season of The Crown has been shown,the controversy surrounding the Netflix series is growing by the day.Celebrated James Bond icon Judi Dench throws a new bat in the henhouse anddemands that Netflix post a disclaimer: “Cruel and harmful sensationalism”.

Fans of the series have been pining for the first trailer of The Crown. Butdespite the lack of images, there is no shortage of drama.

The next two seasons will therefore be about what was probably the mostdifficult period in the life of the British monarch. Not only will Diana’sdeath be discussed in detail, but Prince Philip’s alleged extramaritalescapades and Prince Charles’ cover-up plot to dethrone the Queen prematurelyhave already calmed the mood.

the crown, judi dench(Image:Netflix)

Reason enough for James Bond legend Judi Dench to sound the alarm.

James Bond actress Judi Dench on The Crown

In an open letter to the British quality newspaper The Times Dame Dench isconcerned about the thin line between fact and fiction on which The Crown isdancing.

“The closer the drama gets to the current era, the more The Crown is guiltyof crossing the line between historical accuracy and blunt sensationalism,”she points out. “No one believes in artistic freedom more than I do, but Ican’t just let this pass,” he continues.

judie dench, the crown, james bond, criticism,discaimerJudie Dench as M in James Bond (Image:EON)

Judi Dench has achieved nobility thanks to her legendary role as M in eight(!) James Bond films, so it’s not surprising that she feels the need to stepin for her royal blue-blooded colleagues.

“The hurtful allusions in the series are both very cruel to the individualsinvolved, and very damaging to the institutions they stand for.” According tothe former James Bond actress, the streaming service must take action.

“The time has come for Netflix to introduce a disclaimer. As a mark of respectfor the family of a recently deceased monarch who has dutifully served herpeople for 70 years. Then they might be able to save their reputation in theeyes of the British public.” What now Netflix?

Netflix does not worry about disclaimer

According to The Times Buckingham Palace deliberately keeps very aloof, butare they concerned in royal circles about the effect of The Crown on thereputation of King Charles. The British royal family also wants to see adisclaimer introduced.

diana, new cast, netflix, the crown, actors, diana, season 5 and6(Image: Netflix)

However, Netflix is ​​holding its ground. “ The Crown has always beenpresented as a drama based on historical events. The fifth season is afictional dramatization that attempts to imagine what happened behind closeddoors during this significant decade for the royal family. In doing so, wehave based ourselves on the work of many journalists, biographers andhistorians,” said a spokesperson for the streaming service. No disclaimer fornow so at The Crown.

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