Natasja Gibbs honest about youth trauma Kamp van Koningsbrugge

Presenter Natasja Gibbs was in last night Kamp of Koningsbrugge for a physical and mental test. Her fears and self-image got the better of her. Gibbs talked about her childhood trauma and the impact it has on her. Viewers praise her participation and willpower.

Gibbs has previously been acclaimed by the viewing public for her perseverance. Because of her physical condition she did not have it during her participation. At the start of last night’s episode, the team spirit is still good among the participants. Gibbs still speaks out loud that she is proud of her fellow comrades and herself.

But it turns out that a mental struggle is taking place in Gibbs’ head. “It’s really the way I was raised. I don’t really know anything other than that I don’t always meet certain standards and that it’s never good enough.” A childhood trauma appears to be very deep in the presenter. “I had a pretty violent upbringing as a child and that shapes you enormously. That ensures that you are always on the lookout. Deep in my heart I understand where that uncertainty and everything comes from.”

Natasja Gibbs is afraid of the dark due to childhood trauma

The familiar faces must make a journey through the dark on their own in this episode. Where Gibbs soon confesses that she is afraid of the dark and still sleeps with a nightlight on. “Because you can’t predict what will happen.” She explains that she was very anxious during her childhood. “And I was afraid that the next day would come.”

Former commando Ray tries to give Gibbs some courage before she starts her journey. A terrified Gibbs braves the dark. Finally she arrives at the end point and that triggers a lot of emotion in her.

Overweight physically and mentally

Later in the morning there will be a commando training. Gibbs does not participate, because according to commando duo Ray and Dai, this training is physically and mentally too heavy for her. Much to the disappointment of Gibbs himself. “I want to get rid of that shit, I don’t want this anymore. My own shit. I said, I’m the one who’s getting in my way and I want to get rid of that. I am constantly fighting with myself.” After which one of the commandos compliments her for her perseverance. “I also don’t want to cry so much all the time.” But she emphasizes that she is “very angry” at herself.

“Would it be smart to continue with this? Will it get better?” Commander Ray asks Gibbs. And the commando duo conclude that the problem with Gibbs is too deep and they are in it Kamp of Koningsbrugge not going to get out. After which they ask if Gbibs wants to stop the program. She tears off her badge from her uniform and gets a hug from the commandos.

Viewers praise Natasja Gibbs’s participation in Kamp van Koningsbrugge

“I’ve been fighting this fight all my life. I’ve been programmed that way since I was a kid. It’s so ingrained in me. I’ve always been told I’m not worth things or not good enough,” Gibbs said. She wonders if she will ever get over this mental struggle. But she wouldn’t have wanted to miss the program “for a cent.” Viewers also praise her willpower in the program. The reactions to her participation and eventual departure are therefore heartwarming.

You watch Kamp van Koningsbrugge via NPO.

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