These are ten top series to watch

1. Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Shake and cheer! Guillermo del Toro, grand master of the dark imagination, ventures into a TV series. That is to say: the Mexican film director of Pan’s Labyrinth and The Shape of Water made two of the eight horror stories herself and hired some of his favorite directors for the other episodes, including Jennifer Kent, praised for her horror film The Babadook.

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2. The Old Man

Race actors Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow face each other in Disney+’s new thriller series, as former CIA agent Dan Chase and the FBI agent tasked with tracking down Chase, respectively. Bridges and Lithgow? Those are at least two good arguments to look at.

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3. Notre Dame: La part du feu

French director Hervé Hadmar was shooting a series for France 2 at the foot of the Eiffel Tower on April 15, 2019 when a fire broke out at Notre-Dame. He was so impressed by the disaster that he created this six-part drama series based on stories of the firefighters who fought the fire at France’s most famous cathedral.

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4. The Bear

The Bear follows a beardless young chef who takes over the family restaurant after the death of his oldest brother. TV critics spill superlatives, not least because of lead actor Jeremy Allen White’s intense portrayal. The unexpected sweet of the TV fall.

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5. Everything Calls for Salvation

A young guy wakes up in a mental institution and is told that he has had psychosis. Loosely based on Daniele Mencarelli’s acclaimed novel of the same name. This is an ode to friendship, love and vulnerability.

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6. The Kaiserin

German costume drama in six parts about Elisabeth von Wittelsbach, better known as Sissi, who falls head over heels for the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph. Brace yourself for romance, intrigue and the magnetic gaze of Devrim Lingnau, who has the near-impossible task of making Romy Schneider forget.

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7. The Rehearsal

Comedian Nathan Fielder is the Socially Incapable Michael of the US. He directs and presents The Rehearsal. The starting point? As a social experiment, he will help people live their lives. Fielder is convinced that he can remove their insecurity by rehearsing important moments in advance down to the smallest detail.

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8. Candy

Another fiction series based on true events: Jessica Biel got an eighties poodle haircut for her role as Candy Montgomery, a Texas stay-at-home mom accused of slaughtering her neighbor with an axe. Coincidentally, the dead neighbor is also the wife of the man with whom she is having an affair.

On Disney+

9. The Playlist

Now that everyone has the app, we sometimes forget how revolutionary Spotify was back then. The Playlist, a fiction series about its origin, emphasizes this once again. It takes a few episodes for The Playlist comes under steam (the first two episodes are biting), but this series is doing something The Big Short did before the credit crunch in 2008.

on Netflix

10. Shantaram

This fiction series is also based on true events. Although the Australian writer Gregory David Roberts does not take it as closely with the truth in his novel on which this series is inspired. It is certain that, like his main character Lin, he escaped from an Australian cell and went into hiding in India for years. In the series, Charlie Hunnam plays Robert’s alter ego.

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