Nilüfer Gündoğan at HLF8 despite facial paralysis

Politician Nilüfer Gündoğan joined last night HLF8 to talk about the statements of political colleague Gideon van Meijeren (FvD). But table guests and viewers couldn’t ignore the fact that something was wrong with her face. Gundoğan told honestly about the paralysis in her face.

Last night Gündoğan joined HLF8 because of the most recent commotion surrounding FvD member Gideon van Meijeren. The politician previously filed a report against the Member of Parliament. Gündoğan spoke about Van Meijeren at the table: “What he is doing simply ensures that a significant part of the Netherlands is filled with conspiracies and images that the Netherlands is dysfunctional.” She also complains about the fact that Van Meijeren regularly questions Dutch democracy. “Thick cold. Then please go to North Korea or Iran and come and talk again.”

Nilüfer Gündoğan on facial paralysis at HLF8

But in addition to her plea to Van Meijeren, it can be seen that Gündoğan has paralysis symptoms on her face. Presenter Hélène Hendriks asks Gündoğan where the paralysis comes from. According to the politician, stress has paralyzed a nerve in her face caused by the herpes virus.

Gündoğan has not been in the Chamber for a while and, after a solid course of prednisone, will now see a doctor next Friday. Hendriks asks if it will be all right. “I hope so.” According to Gündoğan, 75 percent of people recover completely, but 25 percent sustain permanent damage.

Stress from allegations

She wants to go back to work next week, depending on what the doctor says. Which Hendriks describes as “quickly”. “I like working and working often helps to get better again.” The politician will not yet attend all debates, but will focus on debates that do not last longer than four hours.

Gündoğan calls her urge to work the “nature of the beast”. According to her, the stress is not due to her urge to work, but was caused, among other things, by the lawsuits and allegations that sounded towards Gündoğan. Not too long ago she was accused of transgressive behavior, after which she was expelled from Volt’s faction. Currently, Gundoğan is an independent Member of Parliament.

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