Patrick Kicken: Quarrel in radio land, the feud between Rob Stenders’s Radio Veronica and Michiel Veenstra’s KINK comes to a head

[BLOG] I wrote here a week ago about the fine that Radio Veronica receives for violating the rules for the FM package on which they broadcast, now 8 days later Nu.NL finally comes with the confirmation: Radio Veronica must pay 60,000 euros to the Agency Telecom, for violating the speech clause. And if they don’t improve it will be a monthly loss. They’re appealing. What has now also been confirmed is the spicy fact that another radio station (KINK) is behind this, as I wrote twice before. In such a typical Dutch tattletale way, they patched up Radio Veronica. What do we think?

Well, let’s go back to the situation one more time. Somewhere in the early nineties, the cable channel KINK FM (get it, kink in the cable, pretty fun made up) was created to play all kinds of alternative shizzle. It was the emergence of other cable channels such as Power FM, later Love Radio etc. so a rock station could be added. Initiators included Rob Stenders and one Jan Hoogesteijn. Those two got into a rant about how to fill in the station; Rob wanted to freak out, Jan brought in all kinds of consultants from America. That fight never got better.

We live 30 years later, Stenders is now the boss at Radio Veronica and Hoogesteijn is still / again at Kink. One party, owned by John de Mol’s Talpa, has FM transmitters, the other wants them. So at Kink they do everything they can to be received in cars older than 5 years. It turns out that it even goes so far that Kink has spent months listening to Veronica with a stopwatch in hand, to check whether they are complying with the speech clause rules. No, a four-year-old child can tell you that. Where Stenders is in charge, there is much and often talk. Strange for a station that has the slogan We.Love.Music

When I still worked at Veronica, Rob sometimes sent me an app with the text ‘I only hear you selling the station!’. In other words: some more dicks dude! It is also almost impossible with the two-hour programming of now and all those 3FM renegades that he has fished in that there is a nice chat about small talk. While that is not possible / allowed according to the frequency conditions. They tried to solve it at Veronica in recent months by inventing a ‘news section’ for everything (Radio Veronica sports news, music news, concert news, etc). which would not count towards the speech clause. Guessed wrong. All spoken word except the (official) news on the hour and half and the traffic information counts. And that has been smelled and reported by Kink. Feels a bit like trying to sew a red card to another player on the field. It’s not sporty anyway. And what is Kink actually buying for this?

I think the most unpleasant element about this is that it came to my attention that the complaint that Kink has submitted to the AT has also been co-signed by Michiel Veenstra, deejay/program leader at Kink. I can still understand it from Hoogesteijn, he is director, but as a radio deejay you know what a burden that retarded clause is. I understand that you want frequencies for your own radio station, but is this the way? Better just wait for that frequency distribution next year, this will only cause more bad blood in the already overstrained Dutch radio market. Still, you know they smell blood at Kink now. They are already sitting with the Hit file on their laps to check whether Veronica does not also violate the music clause and therefore broadcasts too much music of 5 years and younger that has reached the Top 40. Can they give Rob Stenders and his 41 deejays another ear.

If we dive into the history books, it is indeed of all times that quarrels between radio stations: Fifty years ago, a bomb exploded on board the ship of Radio North Sea, for which people at Radio Veronica had ordered and even sentenced to prison. So it can always get worse.

Patrick Kicken

Fred Siebelink, the conjoined Siamese twin brother of Rob Stenders, also speaks disgracefully about it on his Facebook:

Stenders and Veenstra in better times.. I don’t know who that right is 😉

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