Tim Knol is kilos lighter and feels better than ever

A few years ago, things were not going well for Tim Knol. The musician from North Holland ate poorly, drank too much and was very overweight. When the doctor told him he wouldn’t grow old that way, Tim changed course. Now he is kilos lighter and feels fitter than ever. There is a new album and an extensive tour. Ron Flens of Culture Club spoke to Tim before the concert at stage Victorie in Alkmaar.

Tim Knol is back – NH News

For the interview we walk along a green strip behind pop stage Victorie in Alkmaar. Tim Knol in a lumberjack shirt, body warmer and hiking boots. “To lose weight, you have to go through more vigorously than the roaming we do now,” jokes Tim. “I prefer to walk in the North Holland dune area. I didn’t know it was so beautiful there. I really discovered that.”

By walking a lot, eating healthier and drinking less, Tim lost 40 kilos in recent years. He wrote the album Lightyears better about the turn in his life.

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Fan with Tim Knol is Vet t-shirt in 2011

When I filmed Tim Knol ten years ago in his breakthrough year when he won an Edison and played at Lowlands, there were fans walking around with “Tim Knol is Vet” on their t-shirts. “I was really fat then. For a long time I felt pretty good about that,” says Tim. But over the years he gained weight due to bad food and a lot of alcohol. “I was a midnight snacker. I could drink well, a lot of Guinness and whiskey, but at some point I had to put something in. That was shoarma and that kind of junk,” says Tim. At one point he weighed 120 kilos.

Outage in hands

Tim started to feel worse and worse. He became depressed, was out of shape and lost his hands while playing the guitar. “The latter was a bit of the last straw, then I went to the doctor,” says Tim. The doctor said that if he wanted to grow old, he would have to drastically change his life. “And I want to grow old!”

Tim then started walking, eating healthier and drinking less. He has also moved from Amsterdam to Wormerveer with his girlfriend, where the temptations to go out are much less. “My girlfriend has also helped me a lot to live a healthier life. I am very grateful to her for that”.

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Tim Knol in Victory in Alkmaar

That evening Tim and his band the Wandering hearts will be performing in the small hall of Victorie in Alkmaar. It is one of a series of concerts that Tim will perform solo and with his band in the coming months. Isn’t he afraid of falling into old habits now that he’s back on the road? “No, not at all. I no longer need that. I feel good that way. And there is now a Guinness 0.0 in the fridge in the dressing room and I’m already looking forward to it”, laughs Tim.

Tips from Tim

Tim Knol not only makes music himself, he is also a great connoisseur of the history of pop music and a lover of country, soul, bluegrass and pop. Here are three tips of records that you should have listened to according to Tim:

Actually, a lot of Neil Young is good. He can play small and play big, solo very subdued and rock with a band. In that way he is also a source of inspiration.

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That woman could sing so beautifully and that record is really insane.

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The last album by John Prine who passed away in 2020. “But actually everything is good about this man.” For Tim, Prine is on the same level as Bob, Neil, Townes and Guy. Surnames can be omitted from that list. “What’s so good about him is that everything comes together with him: soul, country and folk.”

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