“My entire list of songs is already with the funeral director”

Which song do you want to play at your own goodbye anyway?

“Good Riddance of Green Day.”

Why this particular number?

“I just can’t get around that. Green Day has been with me all my childhood. This song was released as a b-side once, and that version is the best. Straightforward, guitar only. I was fifteen when I first I heard it and I was immediately taken in. I like tempo, I like punk, but this was the first time I heard an artist accompanied only by guitar.

I remember exactly how I felt when I first heard this song, I was really enchanted and immediately played it fifty times in a row that day. By now I’ve played it maybe 100 thousand times on guitar. Everyone knows this is my song.”

And what does it say about your life?

“My father passed away and he was not very outspoken about his taste. He had cancer and was only ill for a short time. His head was affected quickly, so he could no longer say what he wanted. I knew that he really wanted to go to Scotland walking, so I shouted something about a bagpipes. That funeral director still knew someone and so a bagpiper came to the cemetery who Amazing Grace played. Beautiful.

Because of that experience I know for sure that I want to have everything spoken and recorded for myself. For example, upon entry I want the soundtrack of Schindler’s List, the first song has to be classic anyway. And besides, this song means a lot to me and my family. I have a fascination with World War II and went to Auschwitz with my brother-in-law, my sister’s husband, a few years ago. That was so impressive. He is now deceased, it hits me again now that I tell about it. He was eventually cremated on their wedding day.

After that I want to play some rock songs, like No One Knows from Queens of the Stone Age and No surprises from Radiohead. The entire list is already with the funeral director. I am now also thinking about hanging an envelope with poems on the inside of my bedside table, so that my wife will also know which self-written poems I would like to hear.”

Where do you prefer to listen to music?

“In the car, cliché perhaps, but in a household with four children, not every child is waiting for daddy’s music. We have a composite family, with little ones between four and sixteen years old. When we go on holiday to Normandy, we make a combined playlist and everyone adds 25 songs and we listen to them throughout the holiday.

How many lists do you have on Spotify?

“Where I first made playlists with my top 100 and stuff, I now mainly go for one list of songs that you can add a heart to. That is my basic playlist. There is also a funeral list. Furthermore, I now consciously choose albums again , because I noticed that I listened so little to artists. I am taking a meditation course and I now try to do everything with attention. Listening with attention gives a different experience.”

What is your guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasures can go in many directions, of course, but in recent years a special one has arisen for me. A few years ago I jokingly participated in a giveaway by pop stage 013, especially for a colleague who loves the death metal band Cradle of Filth. We won tickets for the concert and that turned out to be great. It’s very wrong and over the top, but I also enjoyed it. Since then I have to go there whenever they are around. I’m not going to cross the country specifically for it, but if they come to Tilburg I’ll buy a ticket.”


What song should be played at your funeral? And what does that say about your life? If you would like to participate in this section, please email your story to hanneke.mijnster@rtl.nl

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