Nearly a million viewers see a well-known former athlete with ‘nice legs’ appear in Secret Duets | show

updateShe had to get her brain cracked because Tania Kross could be in another episode of it last night Secret Duets but don’t stand up: who was that lady behind the wall with those sporty legs? “She didn’t win the medals for singing,” commented presenter Jamai Loman dryly, as 927,000 people saw.

In the singing show, famous artists duet with someone they can’t see. Using the voice and some hints, they have to guess who is on the other side of a thick wall. That can be a professional singer, but also a celebrity who is not known to be able to sing.

It was Tania Kross’s turn to guess who she was singing a duet with. The opera singer had to make do with a few hints in advance: seven gold medals, jelly and a sword. “Oh man. Another greatness”, she sighed. For the rest of the panel, consisting of Gerard Joling, Romy Monteiro and Dave von Raven, it was clear: this had to be an athlete. “Inge de Bruijn?” suggested Joling cautiously.

Once on stage, both Kross and the seated panelists were given a brief preview of the performance. Kross sang along with the mystery guest What a wonderful world from Louis Armstrong. The short show didn’t provide much clarity, except that it might be an older lady. Monteiro could not imagine that it would be an older lady. “The legs… they are not necessarily older legs,” the musical star thought aloud. And, Joling explained, those ‘incredibly high heels’ could very well be the cause of that shaky voice. It was also a great mystery to Von Raven. “Sporty legs, let me say that anyway.”

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The mysterious guest in Secret Duets © RTL

Bell ringing

It was still a mystery to the panel and so more had to be sung. Kross and the lady with the sporty legs started the number again, meanwhile some chairs were removed so that the mystery guest became a little more visible. But that didn’t seem to help either. Dave von Raven therefore asked for a new hint from presenter Jamai. “Life is full ups and downs”, were his words. That was the moment that a bell started ringing at Joling. ,,Aha! I know right. But I can’t imagine she is.” Monteiro and Von Raven also thought they were on the right track.

To find out if the panel was right, the duet was sung for the last time. Kross racked her brain, but an answer never occurred to her. ,,I don’t know. So I really don’t recognize the voice.” To make things easier for her, Joling was allowed to give a hint. “Of course you are always on Curaçao. You don’t see everything. If you switch on Dutch television in the afternoon, it is still very early with us. And then she can actually always be seen.” Monteiro added: “Yes, this is a concept.”

Then a penny dropped with the opera singer. ,,Oh, oh, oh! Is it the lady from The Netherlands in motion? Olga Commander?” Loud applause followed, because she was right. ,,I did not expect this. How nice this!” exclaimed Kross. The 64-year-old Commander confessed afterwards that he found it ‘terribly scary’, but could count on a big compliment from Kross. “You are a fantastic example.”

Tania Kross and Olga Commander in Secret Duets.
Tania Kross and Olga Commander in Secret Duets. © RTL

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